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First Deepwater Campaign, Offshore Romania: Infrastructure, Design, and Execution to Deliver Drilling and Completion Fluids Successful Application of Direct Emulsion Fluid in Oklahoma Shale and the Delaware Basin Commingle Zubair Shale Sand Sequences by Using Deformable Sealing Polymer in Customized Drilling Fluid, Case Histories from Kuwait Drilling and Completion Fluids Customization to Achieve Maximum Well Productivity in Lower Burgan Reservoir, Case Study from Kuwait Field Common Misconceptions Regarding Lost Circulation Treatments Innovative Use of Common Lab Equipment to Show Chemical Benefits of the Reduction of Stick-Slip Leveraging Design for Manufacturing Principles in Liquid Mud Plant Design A Novel Approach to the Analysis of Non-aqueous Fluids for Drilling Improved Fluid Characteristics With Clear Calcium Chloride Brine Drilling Fluid Drilling Through Salt Formations: A Drilling Fluids Review Revisiting the Ideal Packing Theory with a Novel Particle Size Measurement Approach Survey of Polyamines as Prospective Shale Stabilizers The Six Sigma Approach to Improving Tribology Measurements and Methodologies, Including the Use of Laboratory Equipment at the Rig Site Improved Drilling Performance in Extended Horizontals Using Clean Brines in the Williston Basin High Performance Water Base Fluid Improves Wellbore Stability and Lowers Torque The Combined Application Of Innovative Rotary Steerable Systems And High Performance Water-Based Fluids Enabled The Execution Of A Complex 3D Well Trajectory And Extended Horizontal Section Through A Carbonate Reservoir High Performance Brine Drilling Fluid Proves Cost Effective in Eagle Ford Shale Software for Analysis of Drilling Fluid Contamination High Performance Water Base Fluid Improves Rate of Penetration and Lowers Torque. Successful Application and Results Achieved by Drilling a Horizontal Section Through the Reservoir A Novel Invert Emulsion System Using a Polyglycerol Internal Phase

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Newpark Resources, Inc.

Setting the industry standard in water-based drilling fluids and advanced-composite matting systems

Newpark is changing the paradigm in the industries we serve, developing new ways to help customers drive operating efficiencies while working in harmony with the environment and improving community relations. Newpark is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, and serves North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Our focus on technology enables us to continually shape a new and better world of drilling fluids and matting solutions, building on the strength of our flagship products – our Evolution® family of water-based drilling fluid systems and our premium DURA-BASE® advanced-composite matting system.

Our focus on international growth is evident as we continually expand into new places and new markets around the globe. The world offers many opportunities for growth and for Newpark to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers, wherever they need us to be.

Our focus on customer service means we’re helping customers around the world solve tough challenges in ways other companies cannot. Our customers rely on us to help them achieve efficiencies, save costs, and meet or exceed their environmental stewardship goals.

Fluids Systems

Newpark provides value-added drilling fluids solutions, products and services to thousands of wells around the world. Newpark’s drilling fluids solutions offer drilling operators eco-friendly solutions to reduce drilling time. Our solutions include the high-performance water-based drilling fluid, Evolution®, and the Kronos™ synthetic-based invert emulsion system – designed to comply with environmental requirements for use in deepwater drilling.

DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Matting Systems

Newpark provides leading edge matting solutions and work site construction services to diverse industry segments around the world. Our flagship DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mat System provides a heavy duty working platform for temporary work sites and access roads and is used for many other industry applications. Our DURA-BASE® EPZ Grounding System™ expands upon the benefits of the DURA-BASE advanced composite mat and provides an innovative solution for creating equipotential zones in utility and power transmission applications, demonstrating Newpark’s commitment to protect the environment and deliver superior worker safety.