The Right Access at the Right Time for the Right Reason

Newpark Mats & Integrated Services can provide you with a wide variety of temporary access roads and work pads, tailor-made to your needs.

With our experience and range of capabilities, we will provide you with a site or access solution that can accommodate any project. Newpark will partner with you from start to finish - from the planning process (including a SWPPP), through installation, and finally access road removal and site refurbishment. Our project managers will work with you to make sure your access road is exactly what you need, when you need it.

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We provide our customer with:

  • DURA-BASE Advanced Composite Mat System provides a safe and cost-effective surface for access roads in any location
  • EPZ Grounding System an innovative solution for creating equipotential zones
  • Stone access roads used for general access
  • Wood mat roads for steeper grades

Any access road needed; we can do it.


Newpark is the largest, most experienced manufacturer of heavy-duty composite matting systems in the world. DURA-BASE Advanced Composite Mat System provides a safe, cost-effective surface for year-round, all-weather performance. Engineered of high-performance thermoplastic with a unique interlocking design, DURA-BASE provides a tough, field proven and protective surface that can be used for any application requiring access in sensitive environments, stabilization for heavy equipment or simple ground protection.

Why Choose DURA-BASE?

Design & ManufacturingEngineered, compression molded, single piece construction, patented formula with UV protection and static dissipation
Technical Specs8’ x 14’ x 4”, 91 usable square feet per mat, 1000 lbs., 600 psi crush
HandlingDesigned for the end user, true 2-sided mat flexible design, rapid deployment
LogisticsTransport up to 3 times the capacity of traditional timber
SafetyContinuous work surface eliminates gapping and differential movement preventing slips, trips & falls; proven to reduce TRIR
EnvironmentalNon-permeable, sealed design prevents contamination or the carry of invasive species, 100% Recyclable, soil stabilization solution for all soils
Longevity12+ year performance life, some original mats still in fleet today


Jobsite access for utility construction and maintenance projects is now better than ever with our DURA-BASE EPZ Grounding System. Expanding upon all the benefits of DURA-BASE, the fully integrated EPZ system’s patented technology provides an innovative solution for creating equipotential zones. Keep workers safe by reducing electrical danger and providing a strong work platform during potential hazardous activities including pulling wire from spools, stringing line and creating mobile platforms for temporary substations.


Regardless of the project circumstances, we can provide all types of access solutions in addition to composite matting. When your project calls for a more permanent access solution, steeper grading occurs, or bridges are needed we can provide stone and wood solutions as well.