Newpark continues to lead the site and access industry as the innovator of heavy-duty composite matting with the lightest weight product on the market.

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Newpark Mats and Integrated Services LLC, a leading provider of specialty rental and services, is proud to announce the release of a new and improved composite mat, the DURA-BASE® 800 Series™️. 

The 800 Series is the result of extensive research and development aiming to create a heavy-duty composite mat that is the most lightweight on the market while maintaining the strength and durability to withstand the most challenging environments.  With nearly a 15% reduction in weight, the 800 Series is a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly site and access solution than alternative methods.

"We are excited to introduce our new and improved composite mat to the market!" said Lori Briggs, President of Newpark Industrial Solutions.  "With the new DURA-BASE 800 Series mat, which fully integrates into our existing DURA-BASE mats, you'll get all the durability and strength you expect from a composite mat, but with the added benefit of reduced weight."

Celebrating 25 Years of DURA-BASE

Newpark Mats & Integrated Services, a leader in innovative, leading-edge site and access solutions, announces a significant milestone in the history of the company, as this year marks the 25th anniversary of its flagship DURA-BASE® Composite Mat System™ – the original composite mat.

DURA-BASE® was introduced back in 1998 as the market’s first engineered thermoplastic worksite access solution. Today, with the largest fleet in the world, DURA-BASE® continues to set the standard for safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly performance and remains the preferred heavy-duty working platform for temporary work sites and access roads.

"We are thrilled to be celebrating 25 years of DURA-BASE®," said Lori Briggs, President of Newpark Industrial Solutions. “Our technology is continuously evolving as we listen closely to our customers, and we are excited to continue to deliver industry leading, innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions that work in harmony with the environment and leave positive impacts on our communities.  We could not have hit this important milestone without the best employees and customers. Thank you all!”

DURA-BASE, The Original Composite Mat

Proceed with Confidence

Confidently execute and protect your projects from start to finish. We partner with you to deliver full-service site and access solutions that reduce operating risk and provide exceptional value from project planning to remediation.


Allow your teams to work safely utilizing our experienced service teams and engineered DURA-BASE matting system.


Preserve the environment you live in now and for the future with our environmental planning services and site and access solutions.


Meet your project demands with our service quality and fleet scale, providing you access when and where you need it.


Defend your bottom line whether conditions are routine or unpredictable with our planning, access management and remediation capabilities.

The Path of Innovation is Paved with DURA-BASE

Newpark Mats & Integrated Services is the only site and access solution provider to deliver both a full suite of services together with composite mat manufacturing.

We provide leading-edge solutions to industries including utilities, pipeline, oil & gas, general construction, military, heavy haul, entertainment, sports arena and facility management, as well as other premium markets requiring the durability and longevity of thermoplastic material for site access or temporary surfaces.

Newpark is the largest, most experienced manufacturer of heavy-duty composite matting systems in the world. Our patented DURA-BASE Advanced Composite Mat System, with its unique interlocking design, is recognized as the preferred heavy-duty working platform for temporary work sites and access roads.

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DURA-BASE® is Designed to Work in Harmony with Our Environment

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*Based on internal estimates verified by Kambio Solutions, a third party firm specializing in corporate sustainability strategy