Newpark's Commitment to Sustainability

Protecting our Future through sustainable products and services across the spectrum of the energy transition

As a provider of manufactured products and related services to energy infrastructure markets, we recognize the significance of a sustainable world for future generations. We are uniquely positioned, operating across the spectrum of the energy transition, and understand our responsibility and opportunity to make positive and lasting impacts on our environment and in our communities.

We remain firmly committed to advancing, creating, and supporting our sustainability efforts as we continue to deliver innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, create a safe and positive work culture, and support our customers in the global shift to a lower carbon economy and renewable energy sources.

Commitment to the Environment

Environmental sustainability is not aspirational for us – it’s been a cornerstone of our business strategy for decades. We deliver products and services and utilize digital solutions that enable our customers to operate in ways that minimize their environmental impact, enhance safety, mitigate operational risks, and increase their sustainability.


In our Fluids Systems business, we focus on environmental sustainability, which has been a driving force behind breakthroughs in our suite of product offerings, including the Evolution, Nviros, Hydros, and TerraTherm high-performance water-based drilling fluids systems. These advanced fluids solutions provide an environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional oil-based drilling fluids, which helps to reduce the consumption of hydrocarbon-based products and associated emissions and waste while optimizing drilling efficiency and improving personnel health and safety. 

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This year our Industrial Solutions business celebrates the 25th anniversary of our fully
recyclable DURA-BASE Advanced Composite Mat System. The lightweight design of DURA-BASE® provides a distinct environmental advantage for our customers as compared to alternative wood mat products in the market, eliminating deforestation required to produce wood mat products and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with product transportation.

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Commitment to Social Sustainability


We believe our greatest assets are our people. Their inspiration, dedication, and creativity are what make Newpark a great place to work. A passion for our crafts, a shared vision for the future, and values embodying and reflecting our company’s culture and commitments are what bring our Newpark family together.

We are so proud of our Newpark culture and our talented people. We put people first by providing our employees with a diverse, inclusive, and equitable working environment that respects people’s differences.

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For Newpark and our customers, strong safety culture is critical to our success. We recognize our responsibility to continuously foster a shared commitment to safety across our global operations and our entire supply chain.

We integrate safety into every step of our operations and work continually to ensure it is at the core of our corporate culture. Our integrated management systems, combined with associated policies and procedures, provide detailed guidelines for safe operations. Still, we depend upon the actions of individuals for them to be effective and successful. Every individual in the organization has a role to play.

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Commitment to Governace

Built upon our Core Values, we are committed to maintaining an environment of high ethical standards and robust governance practices. One of these Core Values, Integrity, acting honestly and ethically, is a critical component to our continued success as a company and remains the foundation for our business.


The Newpark Code of Business Ethics and Conduct provides a clear framework, establishing our expectations for all global employees, our Board of Directors, and any individuals associated with Newpark, to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity in everything they do.

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Our Board promotes transparent corporate reporting, compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and corporate behavior that conforms to established governance standards. The Board is comprised of seven independent directors and Newpark’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). We are proud of our Board independence, diversity, and robust Board member refreshment process, which helps ensure that our Board evolves with our changing business.

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