Newpark offers a complete line of clear brine fluids (CBF), filtration units and additives. The completion fluid additives include products designed for filtration control, viscosity, scavengers, surfactants, corrosion inhibition and gas-hydrate suppression. CBF are integral to successful completion operations and must be designed and engineered to specific downhole environmental and operating conditions.

The True series family of completion fluid additives includes products designed for wellbore cleanup, filtration control, viscosity, corrosion inhibition, emulsion prevention, foam prevention, and clarification. An example of completion fluid additive solutions is TrueCor™, a liquid, water-soluble corrosion inhibitor that is formulated to prevent general corrosion on casing, tubing, and downhole tools that are in contact with completion brines through use of film-forming amines.

Newpark engineers work closely with the client reservoir engineer to design and deliver a high quality completion fluid that is compatible with the completion design & objective. Prior to wellsite delivery, the CBF is thoroughly tested to ensure the fluid meets reservoir specifications.

TrueZan™ LLiquified xanthan gum, non-clarified (glycol)
TrueZan™ LCLiquified xanthan gum, clarified (glycol)
TrueCell™Liquid HEC (meet Oil & Grease Standards)
TrueCell™ HDLiquid HEC for high-density brines
Corrosion Inhibitors
TrueCor™Organic Amine corrosion inhibitor
TrueCor™ PPhosphonate Based CI
TrueScav™Sulphur-free oxygen scavenger
TrueScav™ HSZinc-free brine soluble H2S scavenger (Triazine)
TrueScav™ LOxygen Scavenger for sodium and potassium based brines
Specialty Chemicals
TrueCarb™Ground Marble
TrueHalt™Emulsion preventer for calcium-based brine
TrueHalt™ ZEmulsion preventer for zinc-bromide brines
TrueDeFoam™Defoamer for brine systems
TrueFloc™Displacement flocculant
TrueFloc™ PlusIron and Color Remover