Global reach, local knowledge

Our robust global connected supply chain is integral to superior solution delivery. Our international service delivery capability allows us to get our products and services to you on‑time, anywhere in the world.

An unrivalled supplier network

We only partner with the industry’s most reliable suppliers. Experts in their fields – our comprehensive global supplier network allows us to deliver quality fluids solutions. At pace. Anywhere in the world.

Our global mud plants and distribution centers

Specialist support for specialist operations

From adapted Kanbans to accurate forecasting – our experts go above and beyond to assure your supply is met by leveraging our unique network of global facilities to minimize any risks. While our product quality program focuses on providing consistent quality of product that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations with stringent approval and monitoring of the quality of procured products and raw materials.

Manufacturing & Distribution Center

Boasting a blending capacity of 20M+ lbs/year, a world-class lab and a LEAN, flexible, automated and environmentally responsible approach – our main chemicals manufacturing site is set in 20 acres at the heart of Conroe Texas. A center of excellence for manufacturing and supply chain, this facility also acts as our central distribution site for the US.

Minerals supply chain

Newpark’s Excalibar Minerals is the 2nd largest importer of barite into the USA and has an annual manufacturing capacity of 1.3million tonnes from its four facilities. Established in 1990, Excalibar produces all grades of high-quality barium sulfate and calcium carbonate.

The future of deepwater fluids facilities

Our state-of-the-art deepwater supply base at Port Fourchon has been designed with leading HSE and automation capabilities to safely and efficiently supply drilling & completion fluids for the Gulf of Mexico and deepwater market. Including Coriolis meters and a specialist completion fluids facility that ensures exceptional quality control and precision handling.

The facility includes a dedicated Completion and Reservoir Fluid Plant that has rapid mixing, high-shear capability, 17k bbls completion fluid and 8k bbl reservoir fluid capacity and two load stations with 4” and 6” TODO MATIC connections – enabling us to deliver deepwater solutions at scale, at speed.

Seamless support spanning six continents

Wherever you are in the world you can expect the same world-class service accessed via our regional fluids specialists that understand the local geology and operational requirements.


Fluid Thinking

Delivering consistency on the global stage

Local knowledge. Global reach. Unrivalled results.

Discover more about our experience and capabilities are deliver results in your region.

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Successfully drills open‑hole interval for 5.5 Hours at a rate of 30 ft/min

Monovalent brine-based reservoir drill-in fluid successfully drills open-hole interval for 5.5 hours at a rate of 30 ft/mi.

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True Series Deepwater Displacement Chemicals Effectively Clean Wellbore

True SeriesTM Displacement Chemicals in Ultra- Deepwater Conditions Effectively Clean Wellbore Beyond Operator’s Targets

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High loss zone sealed to enable wireline logs in deepwater well

X-Prima dewatering squeeze enabled successful wireline log without drag or sticking

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Lost circulation eliminated in deepwater pre-salt exploratory well

X-Prima solves high losses in calcium carbonatereservoir below the salts in Nordeste Tupi Field.

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TerraTherm with optimized flocculation delivers results under strict German regulations

Overall waste volumes dramatically reduced and cost lowered with TerraTherm water-based drilling fluids.

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Well delivered 20% sooner in challenging volcanic operation

TerraTherm high performance water-based geothermal drilling fluid system delivered well six days ahead of schedule.

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Proven performance in the world’s hottest geothermal producing well

Increase ROP, downhole losses limited and significant time and cost savings achieved in Iceland Deep Drill Project 1.

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Losses in fractured reservoir mitigated and H2S contamination inhibited

CleanDrill RDF systems with engineered LCM package minimizes formation damage

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TerraTherm proves critical in worlds hottest geothermal producing well

TerraTherm water-based geothermal drilling fluid system increased ROP and minimized losses in 450°C geothermal well

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Switch from OBM to WBM with no loss of drilling performance

DeepDrill water-based drilling fluid chosen to meet more stringent environment regulations

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WBM RDF filter cake removal expectations exceeded

ORCA breaker fluid enables operator to surpass target matrix injection rate of >350% in water injection well.

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Anticipating challenges to go more than 80 wells without a critical issue

Shale inhibition, hole cleaning and stuck pipe challenges mitigated on 81 well campaign for major operator.

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