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Learn from the best fluids thinkers in the business. Foundations from Newpark has been created to give you an essential base knowledge of water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluids, testing procedures and products.

This course is designed to expand the knowledge of individuals within the industry who are regularly exposed to drilling fluids and have a basic knowledge of fluid systems but want to develop a better understanding of their properties and importance to their particular operation.

You’ll split your time 50/50 between theory sessions and practical laboratory exercises that cover the testing of the physical and chemical properties of common drilling fluids. Plus, you’ll get the chance to discuss the full potential of the Newpark portfolio of fluid systems from our technical experts.

World-class facilities

The class takes place at the state-of-the-art Newpark Technology Center, Katy, Texas with its world-class teaching, testing and laboratory facilities. The course is of the highest quality and includes more time than a comparative industry-training course.

“This course was a very useful, interactive, informative, fun and practical experience”

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After graduating, you should be able to:

  • Identify the multiple functions of drilling fluids
  • Explain the fundamental concepts of drilling fluids
  • Perform both physical and chemical analysis on drilling fluid properties
  • Explain the methods of drilling fluids remediation (sweeps, spots, pills, slugs, etc.
  • Describe the drilling fluids reporting process and analyze properties represented
  • Discuss the basics of clay chemistry and how it impacts drilling fluid performance
  • Tell how fluid loss control is achieved in drilling fluids and its impact on drilling operations
  • Define the science of rheology and describe its significance in drilling fluids
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  • Explain the basic factors impacting hole cleaning and their importance
  • Summarize the different challenges posed by shale with respect to drilling fluids
  • List several chemical products utilized in drilling fluids
  • Discuss the application of polymers in drilling fluids
  • List the different water-based and invert emulsion fluid types
  • Define advantages and disadvantages of water-based and invert emulsion drilling fluids
  • Discuss the drilling fluids selection process

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What's in store? Explore the full Foundation itinerary

DevelopmentTechnical Content
Day 1Oilfield 101 Lecture (if required)
Drilling Fluids Functions Lecture
Drilling Fluids Properties and Reporting Lecture
Drilling Fluids Types and Components Lecture
Basic Chemistry Lecture (if required)
Clay Chemistry Lecture
Day 2Sweeps, Spotting Fluids, Pills Lecture
Lab Safety
Laboratory Exercise: Perform API Tests on a Water Based Drilling Fluid
Clay States Laboratory Exercise
Day 3(Proprietary System) Evolution Lecture
Rheology and Hole Cleaning Lecture
Invert Emulsions Fluids Lecture
Laboratory Exercise: Perform API Tests on an Invert Emulsion Drilling Fluid
Day 4Polymer Chemistry Lecture
Fluid Loss Lecture
Shale Stability Lecture
Day 5Drilling Fluids Contaminants Lecture
Drilling Fluid Selection Lecture
Presentations by Technology Center Staff
Tour of Laboratory Facilities
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