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The tight margins associated with unconventional wells demand truly exceptional efficiency. Thankfully, our highly experienced team have all the competency and knowledge you need to keep your operation on plan. Where efficiency drives can often lead to standardization – our approach is much more adaptable. Anticipating challenges and assessing the properties of each well, right down to the quality of source water, to optimize the impact of fluid systems on operational performance.

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Drive efficiencies to reduce drilling days and costs

Our range of unconventional drilling solutions has been engineered to combat a wide variety of conditions commonly encountered with unconventional wells. Utilizing special polymers to overcome challenges such as variable formation mineralogy or extended fluid contact with extreme temperatures in deep hot wellbores.

Nviros HPWBM Evolution HPWBM Navigate direct emulsion fluid
Reduce waste volumes and trucking

Breaking drilling records and reducing impact

Learn how we delivered sustainability in our co-authored paper with the Kaiser-Francis Oil Company on ‘New Records of Drilling & Environmental Performance Achieved in Delaware Basin Wolfcamp Horizontals Utilizing a Novel High-Performance Water-Based Fluid.

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Environmental technology for unconventional operations

New technologies deliver a strong combination of economic and environmental benefits

A new article in The American Oil and Gas Report shows how technological advances in the fields of chemistry and water recycling are matching strong economic benefits with welcome environmental gains in unconventional operations.

Our expertise with Transition high-viscosity friction reducers (HVFRs) and Nviros high-performance water-based drilling fluid feature prominently in the article.

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Case History

Nviros HPWBM delivers 63% reduction in cost-per-lateral-foot drilled

Enhance pressure control and proppant distribution

Our unconventional stimulation fluids solutions are engineered to maximize the creation of complex fracture networks and efficiently transport proppant into that network. Optimizing reservoir contact and conductivity to increase your EUR and lower costs.

Newpark’s hydraulic fracturing fluids portfolio comprises of a full line of chemical components that can be used to build efficient and non-damaging slickwater or gelled frac fluids in field waters of ranging salinities – from freshwater to extremely high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) brines (up to 300K TDS).

Our stimulation solutions also contain high viscosity friction reducers (HVFRs) that can transport higher loadings of proppant compared to standard friction reducers (FRs) at low treatment dosages. These provide an alternative to more damaging guar based fluids.

Hydraulic fracturing fluids Transition brine-tolerant HVFR

Case History

Transition brine-tolerant HFVR reduced freshwater consumption and costs transforming the sustainability and productivity for a Permian Operator. Download the full case study in the section below.

Our fluids-focus and dedication to service give you a performance advantage

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