HSEQ is Woven in the Fabric of Our Daily Operations

Our most valuable assets are our people; keeping them safe will always be a priority.  Guided by our Core Values and corporate philosophy to create a zero-harm workplace, we strive to bring our workers home safely to family and friends.  We work together to protect one another and be the best in our industry.

Hazards are part of any business; we strive to identify safe solutions to prevent harm.  It is our responsibility.  Our mission is to provide and maintain safe working environments through comprehensive safety training, meaningful audits of our workplaces, and safe insightful solutions to manage risks.

Our vision is to achieve zero harm to our employees, customers, community, and environment while supplying our industry's safest, highest-quality products and services.


HSEQ Policy


We believe safety is central to everything we do.  We integrate safety into every step of our operations and work continually to ensure it is at the core of our culture.  Our integrated management systems, combined with associated policies and procedures, provide detailed guidelines for safe operations.  Still, we depend upon the actions of individuals for them to be effective and successful. Every individual in the organization has a role to play.


Ensuring a healthy workplace is paramount for the well-being and productivity of our employees.  We prioritize health principles to create a conducive environment by promoting health initiatives such as regular exercise, ergonomic workstations, and mental well-being support.  Our commitment empowers employees to thrive, fostering a culture of health where everyone's well-being is valued and protected.


Preserving and protecting the environment is a key aspect of our approach at the workplace.  We are dedicated to minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting sustainable practices.  By implementing environmental considerations into our daily operations, we aim to ensure a healthier planet for future generations while setting an example for responsible corporate citizenship.


We are steadfast in our commitment to superior customer service quality, a critical element to our mission and success.  Delivering exceptional service begins with a quality management system that provides structure and consistency for the products we purchase and sell.  We hold a high standard and focus on delivering quality products and services by participating in organizations like ISO and API that are equally important to us and our customers.

Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.

We have implemented several initiatives to continuously improve the safety and well-being of our personnel.  These initiatives include unique global safety campaigns to enhance communication and improvements in our HSEQ Management System.  We have included training and awareness topics beyond work activities to support our mission of keeping our employees safe, such as at-home health and safety.  We provide all the training and tools so that safety becomes integral to our employees’ everyday workplace and home behavior.

We maintain a Global Safety Champion network to encourage conversations regarding HSEQ, promote safe practices, and help lead our safety initiatives.

Newpark Safety Programs include:

  • Safety Training - We offer employee training in all safety guidelines, requirements, best practices, and new initiatives to meet the evolving needs of our employees and customers.  Employees are provided this training through HSEQ Monthly Meetings, Safety Alerts, Toolbox Talks, and our online learning platform. 
  • Stop Work Authority - Cultivate a culture of trust where every employee is empowered to stop an unsafe situation.
  • Keystone Safety Rules - Endorse 10 essential life-saving rules to prevent significant injuries during high-risk activities.
  • Employee Recognitions & Awards - Recognize and reward outstanding HSEQ performers within each region quarterly to highlight their contributions to improve HSEQ at Newpark.
  • Safety-Based Behavioral System - Encourage submission of action cards to promote hazard awareness and injury prevention.
  • Driver Safety - Promote excellence in driver safety behavior by ensuring on-time training completion and using telematics technology to score driving behaviors and provide supplemental training or rewards for safe driving.

Keystone Safety Rules

Following the IOGP Life Saving Rules these ten simplified rules protect our workforce from serious injuries and can save lives.  There is always time to do things right.


Work with a valid permit when required.


Protect yourself with manadatory PPE during all work.


Follow safe driving rules.


Plan lifting and loading operations and control the area.


Verify isolation and zero energy before work beings.


Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling safety controls.


Keep yourself and others out of the line of fire.


Protect yourself against a fall when working at height.


Obtain authorization before entering a confined space.


Know and understand the chemical products you are working with.