DURA-BASE® Mats in the Oil and Gas Industry

DURA-BASE® is a strong performer, all while protecting the environment.

With the ever-increasing demand for oil and gas today, it is vitally important that companies have access to resources in all types of terrain and also protect the environment.

At Newpark Mats and Integrated Services, we have been helping the oilfield industry get where they need to go since 1960, providing innovative temporary road mats and rig mats as well as integrated oilfield services. Drilling fluids in difficult terrain or environmentally sensitive locations can create major access challenges.

Our DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mat System is the ideal solution – providing our customers with a superior, more environmentally friendly method to access drill sites through temporary roads and provide staging areas for drilling operations.

DURA-BASE® is on drilling rig sites on every continent. Large fleets of mats support oil and gas drilling in a wide variety of terrains and environmental conditions. U.S. operators routinely purchase DURA-BASE® to accompany rigs in foreign markets as an alternative to concrete blocks and wood board roads.

Besides rig access and support, DURA-BASE® has also become important in the oilfield as the foundation of extremely effective spill management systems. A major feature of DURA-BASE® lies in the advanced-composite formulation used to make the mat. This construction assures that DURA-BASE® will not absorb contaminants. The cleanable design of the DURA-BASE® mat is a key feature that oil and gas drillers find preferable over other, less cleanable or un-cleanable mat offerings. For rig operations in the Marcellus shale region, Newpark offers the new DURA-BASE® T-REX Mat Cleaning System, which is a precision engineered, automated system that is capable of cleaning an entire drill pad of DURA-BASE® mats in hours, instead of days.

In most shale plays the need for efficiency is paramount. Drilling rigs are moving on 20 to 30 day cycles and there is little time for inefficiency and delays. The logistics for DURA-BASE® is far superior to any other product in the market. The transport of DURA-BASE® is usually THREE to FOUR times more efficient than other oilfield mats products. The reduced volume of truck loads for DURA-BASE® finds favor with local residents, Environmental Agencies, and others that travel the often over-crowded roads in these regions.

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