The Newpark service advantage is your competitive edge

Above all else, we are a fluids service company. We recognize it’s not enough to have the best fluids products. That’s why we continually invest in our people, facilities and technical support services to deliver a seamless service that keeps you one step ahead – wherever you are in the world.


As a dedicated fluids specialists trusted by some of the oil & gas industry’s biggest players for decades, we’ve developed vast domain knowledge and an unrivalled project database.

We form genuine partnerships with our customers to solve the challenges they face – whether that’s resolving a problematic individual well or aligning our technology development with their long-term strategic objectives. We have the digital tools, fluids experience and best-practices to master the most complex challenges on the global stage.

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Fluid Thinking

How our fluids focus and service advantage give you a competitive edge

Winners of EnergyPoint Total Satisfaction Award for two straight years

The ultimate customer testimonial – and a prestigious recognition of our service advantage – we were recently awarded the Total Satisfaction award in EnergyPoint’s customer satisfaction survey for the second consecutive year. Coming out ahead of 33 of the industry’s major service companies, we also topped the poll in 13 other categories.



The 2020 Kimberlite Drilling Fluids report captured feedback from 329 personnel representing 200 global Oil & Gas companies.

Customers rated Newpark top in all categories of this prestigious survey, with the results showing strong year-on-year improvement.

This continues a trend we have seen from Kimberlite’s research in previous years where Newpark also set the standard in customer service.

World-class dedicated fluids experts

We are the fluids people. Which makes our team, our most valuable asset. Using all of their experience to make the right call, at precisely the right moment, to keep your operation on time, on budget and on target.

Our people competency

Leading the way on fluids innovation

Innovation is at the center of all we do. We research, develop and test groundbreaking fluids systems in our world-beating laboratories to deliver pioneering fluids strategies in the field. Supporting your operation – from end-to-end.

Our innovation

Engineering flawless solutions

No two wells are the same. Which is why our specialists design and test every one of our fluids solutions to meet your unique challenges – as well as providing expert technical support in the field to assure service delivery at the wellsite.

Our product assurance

Wherever you need us, we deliver

products and services to you, on-time, every time. Anywhere in the world. With product quality controls that deliver consistent results you can rely on.

Our global supply chain

A safe and sustainable service you can trust

Discover how we’re going further to deliver safer, more sustainable and higher quality solutions you can trust. On a global scale. From our commitment to a zero-harm workplace to protecting the environment while responsibly building the business.