Pragmatic Chemicals (A Newpark Company)

Pragmatic is a wholesale chemical company that specializes in developing customized chemical products for various industries including the Oil and Gas industry. We provide our clients with the most reliable and cost-effective chemical services by developing innovative and reliable technologies for them. Our team of exceptional scientists and engineers have a remarkable track-record of providing solutions to even the most complex chemical problems. In addition to our ultramodern laboratory, we also possess a world-class blending facility and an efficient supply-chain framework that ensure we meet the needs of our clients in a timely manner irrespective of their location.

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The Products We Offer

  • Drilling Chemicals.
  • Production Chemicals.
  • Fracturing and Well Stimulation Chemicals.
  • Asset Protection and Integrity Products (Corrosion Inhibitors, Oxygen Scavengers, Scale Inhibitors, Biocides etc.).
  • Phase Treatment Chemical Products (Emulsifiers, Flocculants, Defoamers etc.).
  • Any specialty chemical that you require.

got chemical problems? we create solutions


Here is a quick view of our chemical laboratory or chemical solution hub as we call it

impeccable track record, over 500 unique chemistries successfully created for clients


A Product Demo for one of our Products #KleanOX, our stabilized oxidizer that can efficiently help with Polymer Flood Cleanups without inducing corrosion.

kleanOx conventional oxidizer over 98% reduction in corrosion rate rapid corrosion of the metal coupon in the conventional oxidizer fluid introduces harmful ozidized metals into the fluid


A Product Demo for another of our chemical Products #IronShield, a scale inhibitor that not only prevents formation damage but it is also highly compatible with fluid additives.

No matter your industry, we are always dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to your chemical needs and problems. We are always looking for a challenge. Reach out to us.

Contact Information

Suite F112, 2011- 94th Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T6N 1H1

+1 403-290-5362

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