We bring a fluids-focused approach to your solids control and waste management needs

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Maintain fluids quality. Reduce waste.

As the leading pure-play independent provider of fluids solutions around the globe, you can rely on Newpark to manage your solids control and waste management needs.

Our fluids-focus enables us to tackle your solids control and waste management requirements from a completely different perspective than the more traditional equipment focused solids control companies.

By applying our unique brand of fluids thinking – we consider solids control and waste management right from the very start. Designing your fluids system to be optimized for the entire lifecycle – without compromising operational performance.

Our team manage the entire fluids cycle from end-to-end to optimize the performance of the solids control system and ensure that fluids quality is maintained to specification. Troubleshooting any issues quickly to ensure you gain efficiencies and reduce costs through exceptional value-adding service coordination. Every step along the way.

Fluid Thinking

Get a fluids-focused perspective on solids control, waste management and shaker screens

High quality screens. Highest quality service.

Discover how we also offer exceptional service and fluids thinking to shaker screen services.
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