DURA-BASE Solves All Your Access Needs

Engineered for Safety, Durability, Rapid Installation, and Environmental Protection

Newpark Mats & Integrated Services has provided jobsite access to various industries for over 20 years. Our proprietary DURA-BASE Advanced Composite Mat System provides all weather access roads and work sites for the military, heavy haul, cranes, aviation and much more. Safety is always a priority for both Newpark and our clients, so DURA-BASE is designed to protect personnel, equipment and ground surfaces from damage.

We partner with you to deliver full-service site and access solutions that reduce operating risk and provide exceptional value. From project planning to remediation you can Proceed with Confidence.

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Cranes and Equipment

DURA-BASE plays a vital role on construction sites by providing a safe and solid working platform for cranes, transport vehicles and staging areas. Soft ground conditions and rough terrain can pose a number of challenges for crane operators, such as equipment sinking into grass or mud, damage to the environment and surrounding property, and safety hazards for operators and the public. With DURA-BASE mats, the weight of extreme loads is spread over a strong, smooth and stable surface area, allowing you to move large cranes and construction equipment easily into position over any type of ground conditions.


The United States military has called on Newpark for years to provide DURA-BASE to meet its many rapid access and logistical needs. Our ongoing innovations in advanced-composite products enable the durable and lightweight site enhancements required for a mobile and effective fighting force. DURA-BASE has proven dependable in many military applications including temporary roads, field base flooring, walkways, equipment storage platforms – even helicopter landing and maintenance pads. Our rugged, reliable composite mat has been utilized by U.S. forces all over the world for various military exercises.

Heavy Haul

Hauling large or heavy loads requires careful engineering and planning. To make a successful move, the strictest safety standards must be followed and tight time constraints mean execution must be flawless and free from delays. DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mats feature an overlapping/interlocking fastening system that eliminates differential movement mat to mat. This assists in preventing load destabilization for a safe, continuous temporary work surface that helps spread the ground pressures from heavy haul loads.


DURA-BASE provides dependable helicopter landing platformS that can be constructed quickly and safely. Our ground protection mats have proven themselves in this application in both civilian and military arenas. Temporary landing pads for corporate VIP’s or long term installations for training helicopter fighter pilots, DURA-BASE soars in this specialty role.


Scheduled maintenance or upgrades at nuclear facilities require strict time constraints, flawless execution and the highest safety standards possible. Using DURA-BASE, technical challenges are made easier with rapidly installed temporary access roads and work platforms to complete tasks in the required time frame under the pressures of these unique standards

Inland Water Construction

Newpark Mats & Integrated Services not only specializes in providing superior construction services for land-based operations, but also can provide our customers with construction services in inland water environments. These environments can be semi-solid environments, off-shore environments, marshland, or coastal waterways, Newpark has the resources, personnel, and equipment to complete any inland water project successfully.

Our equipment and resources include but are not limited to, access to tugs, spud barges, deck barges, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, heavy equipment, and other related equipment to perform all of your marine tasks. From construction and repairing bulkheads, to driving sheet piling to constructing elevated concrete platforms, Newpark can provide you with safe, professional, and efficient inland water construction services in any environment.