After drilling the reservoir to a planned total depth, operations move towards completions as the reservoir interval is prepared for completion operations.

The initial phase of the completion operations is wellbore cleanup (WBCU), to include displacement (removal) of the drilling fluids/reservoir drilling fluids (RDF) and residual materials from the wellbore, followed by placement of clear-brine fluid (CBF). WBCU of casing and open-hole sections require careful planning from chemical, rheological and mechanical perspectives.

Poor displacements can create problems in the completion operations including stuck packers, corrosion of tubulars, issues with setting completion tools and cement placement, increased filtration time and cost, increased disposal costs and the inability to deliver expected production. Operators generally are aligned in recognition that engineered displacements reduce operating costs and the risk of failure.

Newpark provides a suite of engineered spacer train solutions to remove residual fluids, thread compounds and debris from the wellbore during wellbore cleanup operations. The use of these innovative chemistries is further optimized by use of sophisticated wellbore cleanup hydraulics software to deliver a robust plan for wellbore cleanup.

Fluid Thinking

The modeling of engineered displacements to assure the efficient and effective transition from drilling to completion

Product NameFunction
TrueClean™ PlusSolvent/Surfactant
TrueSolv™ PlusPipe Dope Remover

Engineered displacement case studies