We’re ready for your technical challenges

When you’re dealing with a challenging well, you need to start on the front foot. And stay there. That’s why we go further to develop a deep understanding of your well – enabling us to anticipate and overcome your most technical challenges.

Our fluids-focus and dedication to service give you a performance advantage

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Field Services Lab

Bring us your fluids challenges and we’ll find you the optimum solutions. We take sample fluids from the field into the lab for stringent testing to identify the right solutions. Our scientists and technical teams then formulate fluids systems optimized to your specific applications.

Applied Engineering Lab

Extensive in-house modeling allows our engineers to validate field performance. Our particle plugging tester verifies optimal particle size distributions for wellbore strengthening and lost circulation. While our one-of-a-kind Downhole Simulation Cell returns preserved core samples to in-situ temperatures and pressures to measure how the drilling fluid interacts with the core.

Reservoir Services Lab

A new feature at the Newpark Technology Center, our Reservoir Services Lab accurately measures permeability changes of formation core samples in HPHT environments – shining a spotlight on drill-in fluid development and optimization.

Analytical Lab

Our fluid scientists identify and quantify foreign components of field samples, mineral composition of shales and chemistry of products. The Analytical Lab is the central nervous system of the Newpark Technology Center – supporting quality assurance, field service and product development with state-of-the-art tools.