No one else better understands the needs of Viking play operators.

Working side-by-side in the Viking with more than 10 different operators – for more than 10 years – has given us all the experience we need to help you overcome the region’s unique challenges.

In fact, Newpark have been used to drill more than 3,800,000m. Not only making us the number one provider of drilling fluids to the biggest number of wells in the play – but also putting us in a position to anticipate your needs sooner and respond with the right solutions faster and more efficiently than ever before. It all adds up to improved performance and lower project costs:

10 years’ experience

We know what solutions work. Our regional knowledge and project experience are second to none.

10+ operators

Our proven performance and superior service experience has made us the choice of more operators.

3,800,000m drilled

We’ve successfully drilled more Viking play metres than any other Newpark provider.

Zero lost time incidents

We’re proud to have the best safety record in the region – with zero incidents in 10 years.

Comprehensive fluid solutions

Our total fluids solutions offering covers drilling, completion and stimulation fluids and additives.

Faster delivery and reduced logistics

Our centralized distribution centre ensures prompt delivery with lower transportation and trucking cost the competition.

Talk to our local team to discover how our superior service and experience can give you a performance advantage in the Viking play.

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