A greater focus on open-hole completions has seen a significant push towards the use of specialized, minimally damaging reservoir drill-in fluids (RDF).

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The Newpark family of RDFs are optimized to each individual application for maximum reservoir productivity while minimizing damage. They are ideal for all open-hole completion designs as the RDFs maximize reservoir production and injection, reduce potential for formation damage, minimize drilling and completion costs, and tackle various drilling and completion challenges.

Newpark engineers a complete family of RDFs with the target of depositing an impermeable yet easy to remove filter cake that are fully compatible with the suite of optimized breaker systems. The RDFs offer application specific fluid loss control, rheological profile, and lubricity amongst other properties to meet the desired goal.

To ensure uniform and efficient removal of the filter cake, each system undergoes a rigorous test protocol resulting in a fit-for-purpose RDF and breaker system.

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Minimally damaging monovalent brine based RDF allowing for easy cleanup of the filter cake and achieving minimal drawdown pressures. CleanVis™ viscosifier provides the necessary rheology profile to achieve excellent cuttings transport while the CleanTrol™ starch provides robust filtration control and generates the impermeable, readily removable filter cake.

CASE STUDY CleanDrill - Texas Land

CleanDrill™ HD
CleanDrill™ HD high-density, bio-polymer free RDF realizes the potential of utilizing high density, divalent brines.

Designed to meet the drilling performance of an invert emulsion drilling fluid while achieving the filter cake removal efficiency of a water based fluid.