Setting the Stage for Events and Entertainment

DURA-BASE Advanced Composite Mat System® provides flexibility and mobility to your live event while protecting existing ground cover assets.

Installing DURA-BASE for a plane hanger used in the Disney movie Captain Marvel

Arenas, stadiums and fairgrounds are ideal venues for events, but their natural and artificial surfaces require special care. Newpark's DURA-BASE interlocking system installs easily and rapidly, using minimal crew and a fork-equipped loader. You’ll never need to roll over your surface needing protection during installation, because the mats can be set in place while operating on top of previously laid mats. Scaffolding, seating, staging and lighting can be set safely atop the stable, uniform surface provided by DURA-BASE, keeping your equipment, event staff and guests high and dry.

We partner with you to deliver full-service site and access solutions that reduce operating risk and provide exceptional value. From project planning to remediation you can Proceed with Confidence.




KC Royals Kauffman Stadium
PGA Tour in California
East Coast Carnival Fairgrounds
Football Stadium
US Air Force Academy Graduation
Concert Venue
College Football Game
9/11 Memorial