Leading the way in high performance and sustainable drilling fluid solutions

The days of choosing between sustainability and profitability are over

Thanks to our continued investment in the progression of water-based fluids systems (WBM), more sustainable and lower carbon oil & gas production is more achievable than ever before.

With optimized performance often superior than non-aqueous fluids (NAF) or oil-based muds (OBM) the drilling advantages are only part of the story. From operational efficiencies and superior environmental credentials to safety, economic, and sustainability advantages – the only thing missing is the need to compromise.

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Take your drilling performance to new levels with the WBM experts

There’s a reason why we’re recognized as the industry leader in the development of award-winning water-based drilling fluids.

Our economically and environmentally sound approach. Created with forward-focused operators in mind, each of our systems are carefully created to balance operational efficiency, profitability, and environmental credentials in the most rigorous of operational demands. Including unconventional and high-temperature applications.

Leverage the advantages of water-based drilling fluids

  • Simplified operations and logistics. Reduced trucking requirements and costs
  • Reduce use and cost of diesel in fluid formulations
  • Reduced waste streams and volumes. Potential for onsite cuttings disposal
  • Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission
  • Improved sustainability profile of your operations
  • Utilize local water sources. Many systems can utilize produced or recycled water

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Sustainable fluid solutions for your entire well lifecycle

Sustainable fluid solutions for your entire well lifecycle.Our sustainable solutions extend beyond drilling fluids. With our water-based CleanDrill Reservoir Drill-in Fluids and environmentally-safe ORCA for WBM breaker chemistry we improve efficiency, results and sustainability throughout the entire fluids cycle.

CleanDrill Reservoir Drill-in Fluids

Protect the formation and reservoir productivity with specialized minimally damaging fluids

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ORCA for WBM from Cleansorb

Maximize reservoir productivity with efficient cleanup and filter cake removal

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