Out-thinking your deepwater play

Having delivered more than 350 deepwater wells around the world – our team of experts have all the knowledge and fluids expertise to keep your operation one step ahead of the complex requirements of deepwater and offshore well development.

We anticipate the challenges you might face to keep your deepwater operation productive, all the way from drilling to completion. Our portfolio of specialist technologies have been designed to perform in the unique conditions of deepwater wells – while our highly trained fluids specialists are backed by global technical support resources to respond with agility to even the most complex of issues. Giving them all of the tools they need to engineer the optimal solution for your specific well.

We have invested in state-of-the-art deepwater fluids facilities to meet our customers drilling and completion fluids needs.

High performance. Low environmental impact.

Offshore fluids need to meet some of the most stringent environmental requirements in the world. Without compromising performance. In this, Newpark non-aqueous drilling fluids system and additives are second-to-none.

Success starts with the right strategy. We go to great lengths to fully understand your formation, reservoir and well plan. By using our ClearTrack software, we can model well hydraulics in multiple scenarios to develop the optimal drilling fluid solution and understand how it will perform.

Our deepwater fluids systems are rigorously tested in our product assurance laboratory to provide a flat rheology in low temperature sections near the seafloor and high temperature sections near the bit. Keeping you on-plan with no unscheduled events.


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Fluid Thinking

Meeting new demands as deepwater exploration goes deeper

Hydros high-performance water-based drilling fluid system for deepwater and offshore

Drill offshore wells sustainably without compromising performance with the Hydros high-performance water-based drilling fluid system

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Kronos high-performance non-aqueous drilling fluid system for deepwater and offshore

The Kronos system is a highly versatile and an industry-leading non-aqueous drilling fluid for even the most challenging deepwater wells

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Case History

Hydros™ high-performance water-based fluid system increases operational efficiency to deliver challenging ultra-deepwater GOM well under budget and ahead of schedule. See case studies below for more details

Get your deepwater reservoir over the line. Under pressure.

We’re well acclimatized to the unique pressures of deepwater completions. Our team of experts plan and design engineered displacements utilizing our innovative ClearDepth software to accurately model pressures with multiple pumping stages and flow paths including choke, kill, boost lines, and circulating subs.

Our analysis capabilities also encompass the effect of varying operational parameters like pipe rotation, flow rate, and standoff to optimize wellbore cleanup with our innovative reservoir chemistry ORCA for WBM ensuring uniform radial and longitudinal wellbore cleanup. Delivering the cleanest, most productive and financially sound completions possible.

Deepwater Completion Article


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