Leading the way on fluids innovation

As the world’s leading pure-play independent fluids experts, we’re continually raising the bar. From world-beating research and development facilities to bringing together the best people, technology and products – our innovative fluids approach is driving progress for some of the biggest operations, in the most challenging environments, across the globe.

Our expert team of chemists, engineers and technicians utilize top technology and equipment to research, develop and test groundbreaking fluids systems every day.

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Newpark Technology Center

Our global technology hub is located in Houston, TX. The center is home to a well-equipped Analytical Lab, Applied Engineering Labs and state-of-the-art field testing equipment capable of recreating real-world operating conditions that exist in the field under which we evaluate our chemistry. This further strengthens our position as a global leader of innovative fluids technology and solutions.

Key Capabilities

  • Drilling Fluids Testing
  • Reference Mud Lab
  • Reservoir Fluids Evaluation

Key Equipment

  • HPHT Dynamic filtration (Fann 90)
  • Low-temperature rheology (up to –18 °C / 1 atm)
  • Laser particle size distribution analysis (Malvern)
  • FTIR Analysis for QC
  • UV-Vis Analysis for QC
  • Water titration with Karl Fischer titrator
  • XRD Analysis of rock samples (Bruker D2 Phaser)
  • Return Permeameters (up to 300 °F / 2,000 psi
  • Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry / FID
  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Dynamic Friction Flow Loop
  • Ion Chromatography
  • HTHP Viscometry with Oscillatory capability
  • XRD / XRF
  • Kruss Tensiometers (Surfactant Analysis)
  • Microtox tester
  • LuminUltra (Bacteria Testing)
  • Downhole Simulation Cell (400F & 20K psi)
  • All API Standard procedure

Product Development Lab

Our R&D team develops fluid products and systems as diverse as the wells they serve. We continuously explore novel chemistries and product adaptations to optimize fluid performance and address the unique challenges of your field.

  • Chemistries developed using decades of field experience
  • Chemistries developed through understanding Rock-Fluid Interactions
  • Reservoir fluids that minimize damage while performing their designed function
Our people competency

We are the leaders in water-based fluids systems development

There’s a reason why we’re recognized as the industry leader in the development of award-winning water-based drilling fluids. Our economically and environmentally sound approach. From DeepDrill® to Evolution® – each of our systems have been carefully created to balance operational efficiency, profitability and environmental credentials in the most rigorous of operational demands. Including unconventional and high-temperature applications. That’s what we call forward-thinking.

Water-based fluids systems