Newpark provides drilling fluids products and engineering services designed specifically for mining exploration operations. Based in Nevada and Arizona, Newpark’s mining services utilize Newpark Fluids’ facility network to meet the needs of our customers. With historical roots in the mining industry, Newpark’s 2008 expansion of its fluids division into mineral exploration was a natural alignment.

Mineral exploration uses both rod and wireline coring techniques to evaluate potential mines for ore quality. Drilling fluid flows between the core and the drill rod, but generally does not return to surface. The drill rod spins at 1,500 to 2,500 RPM within a wellbore with only a 1/8 of an inch annular space. Hydraulics management is key in these small, rapidly developing operations. The quality of the information derived from the cores depends on optimal core recovery with the goal of ensuring cores remains intact.

Torque and drag can cause the drill rod to shake (known as “rod rattle”) and if the core sample is not stable, the shaking can break the core into pieces. Newpark Drilling Fluids has developed a suite of Mining products for torque and drag reduction, thereby reducing vibration during the coring operations. Newpark’s proprietary technology saves time, improves results and reduces mineral exploration project costs.


DrillEase™ 252 performance enhancer was formulated specifically for mining applications. The product is a blend of Newpark Drilling Fluids’ premier proprietary high-performance water-based drilling fluid products, including the performance enhancing technology of the Evolution® system and the shale inhibiting technology of the DeepDrill® system. It is extremely effective in drilling highly reactive clays by use of non-ionic Polyol Chemistry which allows for water activity reduction, hydrogen bonding to clay surfaces improving high-angle boreholes where it enhances penetration rates, reduces torque and drag. It is tolerant of cold ambient temperatures. The product is environmentally safe for all applications.

NewSafe™ Foam is a premium, NSF/ANSI 60 certified foaming additive that is used in all water-based mining fluids. NewSafe Foam is used for hole cleaning in air drilling, dust suppression, mist, foam, and stiff-foam drilling applications.

NewSafe™ Lube is a premium, NSF/ANSI 60 certified lubricant that is used in all water-based mining fluids. NewSafe Lube is used to improve hole stability, enhance rate of penetration, reduce torque, and extend bit life. NewSafe Lube is 100% active and is stable in all water types. This premium lubricant is suitable for HPHT environments.

NewGel™ XHY is an extra high-yield premium bentonite viscosifier