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Based in Nevada and Arizona, our mining services bring together specially designed drilling fluids products and engineering with the expert knowledge of our global facility network. Helping mining exploration operations save time, improve results and reduce project costs by significantly reducing vibration, improving torque and reducing drag.

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Protect core sample quality

Up to 2,500 RPM. 1/8 of an inch annular space. Severely damaging torque and drag.

Both rod and wireline coring techniques are used to evaluate the ore quality of potential mines. But neither is without risk.

We understand that hydraulics management is absolutely key to safely deliver optimal core recovery in small, rapidly developing operations. That’s why each of our mining solutions has been optimized to overcome your unique operational challenges.

DrillEase mining drilling fluid system

Formulated specifically for mining applications, DrillEase blends the exceptional performance enhancing technology of our Evolution® wasterbased drilling fluid system with the optimal shale inhibition technology of our DeepDrill® system.

DrillEase™ inhibition mechanisms

Polyol chemistry

Applications:Non-ionic materials for activity reduction, hydrogen bonding to clay surfaces, membrane development

Benefits:Improved shale stability, lubricity and rate-ofpenetration; reduced risk of hydrate formation when gas encountered

Emulsified phase

Applications:Improves membrane, coats formation surfaces with non-aqueous film

Benefits:Lubricity, rate-of-penetration, shale stability

DrillEase features

  • Low environment impact – Surpasses environmental requirements; environmentally sound.
  • ROP enhancement – Reduces torque and drag in low concentrations.
  • Cost & time reduction – Maximizes efficiencies and core quality reducing customer costs.
  • Friction reduction – Increases bit life and improves casing recovery.
  • Wellbore Stability – Minimizes drilling related non-productive time through inhibition of clays and shales.
  • Core Optimization – Maximizes the integrity of the core, especially where highly reactive clays are encountered.

DrillEase™ 233 performance enhancer

Experience unsurpassed torque and drag reduction, with:
  • Rate of penetration enhancement
  • Shale inhibition
  • Reduced vibration during coring
  • Reduced core filtrate invasion
  • Minimized core destabilization
  • Increased likelihood the core will remain intact.

DrillEase™ 252 performance enhancer

Drill in highly reactive clays effectively with non-ionic Polyol Chemistry, with:
  • Water activity reduction
  • Hydrogen bonding to clay surfaces –enhancing penetration rates while reducing torque and drag in high-angle boreholes
  • Tolerance of cold ambient temperatures
  • Environmentally safe for all applications

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Additional Mining products

NewSafe™ Foam is a premium, ANSI 60 certified foaming additive that is used in all water-based mining fluids. NewSafe Foam is used for hole cleaning in air drilling, dust suppression, mist, foam, and stiff-foam drilling applications.

NewGel™ XHY extra high-yield premium bentonite viscosifier

DynaLose™ CM Fluid control agents

DynaFiber lost circulation material

Magma Fiber lost circulation material

NewSwell lost circulation material

PAC L R alternate fluid control agents

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