We take more care of your reservoir

We do more to understand your reservoir’s unique challenges – proactively adapting our approach to protect your most valuable assets.

While no fluid is non-damaging, our drill-in fluids have been carefully engineered to be as reservoir-friendly as possible. Leveraging our deep understanding of geology and reservoir fluids to deliver enhanced performance with minimal formation damage to the producing interval.

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Innovative reservoir chemistry applications to enhance production and recovery

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Maximize Productivity, Minimize Damage

Our reservoir drill-in fluids are designed to perform all of the tasks of a conventional fluid – from well control to hole cleaning – while minimizing formation damage and maximizing productivity.

By carrying out extensive testing, we can design and deliver an optimized drill-in fluid to meet your downhole conditions. Along with expert advice to avoid contamination and ensure proper maintenance to keep it performing at its best.

Reservoir fluids solutions

Our solutions are designed to maximize efficiencies and preserve the innate permeability of the reservoir through the transition from drilling to completion operations.

Reservoir services laboratory

Measuring permeability is a critical step for designing reservoir drill-in fluids and breaker technology. Find out more about reservoir services laboratory and the expert team that support the delivery of our best-in-class reservoir fluids solutions.

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Efficiently displace to a clear well with cleardepth

Discover how our specialist digital engineering and design tool allows for the seamless simulation of deepwater displacements.

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Overcoming competing technical priorities with CleanDrill RDF and ORCA WBM breaker integration

Align your drilling and completion goals by bringing together CleanDrill™ minimally damaging monovalent brine-based reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) with our single treatment water-based RDF filter cake clean-up solution – ORCA for WBM breakers. The perfect match for cleaner, more productive wells.

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Our fluids-focus and dedication to service give you a performance advantage

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Solving your most technical drilling challenges

Experience in all well types – across the globe – mean our local experts can draw on worldwide knowledge to anticipate and overcome your most technical drilling challenges.

Complete fluid solutions