Our geothermal solutions help you stand the heat

As the dedicated global fluids-focused company – we know exactly how to keep your operation one step ahead of the unique demands of geothermal drilling.

Our longstanding focus of engineering water-based fluids systems enables you to sustainably and cost-efficiently develop geothermal wells. Leveraging our vast investment and experience of high-performance water-based fluids system solutions – field-proven in over 5,000+ oil & gas wells.

From our portfolio of industry-leading fluid systems and additives, we engineer the right solution for your geothermal application. We anticipate the challenging conditions of thermal instability, high fluid loss and fluctuating H2, He, CO2 and H2S that you may face – ensuring we are prepared to deal with them. Creating truly specialist solutions for a truly specialist industry.

Avoid lost circulation and reservoir damage

TerraTherm™ high-performance geothermal water-based fluid system has been proven in the field at extreme temperatures of up to 350 °C. Making it the choice for operators keen to proactively avoid the costly lost circulation and reservoir damage typically associated with drilling geothermal wells.

A Sustainable Solution Designed To Stand The Heat


Sustainable fluid systems designed for geothermal applications

TerraTherm™ high-performance water-based geothermal drilling fluid system is carefully designed, stress-tested and validated in the field to withstand extreme temperatures in the world’s most challenging geothermal applications. The water-based system has an excellent environmental and sustainability profile that is ideal for the demands of this renewable energy source development. The system offers exceptional flexibility, and tailored formulations offer rig site augmentations keeping you one step ahead of unforeseen conditions like temperature fluctuations, unpredicted changes in lithology and well control events.

Harness the experience of the geothermal leaders

Access our geothermal drilling fluids webinars to benefit from the best practices we’ve developed and lessons learned from over thirty years of successfully planning and executing geothermal drilling fluids solutions worldwide.

Stay ahead of your geothermal challenges with Newpark. Each webinar features a 40 minute presentation followed by a 20 minute Q&A with our geothermal experts.

Geothermal Drilling - Lessons Learned in Planning and Operational Execution

Register to access the recording of this webinar from 7 November 2023 that covers:

  • Introduction to geothermal drilling
  • Key geothermal drilling challenges
  • Case studies and lessons learned in planning and operational execution

Geothermal Drilling – Fluids Design and Operational Best Practices

Register to access the recording of this webinar from 14 November 2023 that covers:

  • Planning and design of geothermal wells
  • Design and formulation of geothermal drilling fluids
  • Case studies highlighting challenges and benefits of fluids design

Increase geothermal resources productivity with our low-hazard, high-performance, breaker fluids

Maximize geothermal productivity while caring for the environment with DEEPA in-situ acidizing & ORCA uniform mud damage removal technology.

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Enhance your geothermal drilling performance.
Choose the most experienced fluids company in the geothermal market

Our total fluids solutions offering covers drilling, completion and stimulation fluids and additives.


Newpark has drilled over 205,000 meters of geothermal wells in Italy since 1982 including areas with presence of H2S & severe losses. Our latest project involved drilling an ultra-hot geothermal well with BHST close to 600° C – exacerbated by the development of a high-pressure gradient that required a 1,6 sg MW – using Ilmenite as weighting agent to achieve the required MW without any sagging issues.


A local power company was operator of the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project consortium driven by Statoil IDDP-1 well – Krafla field. The hottest and most productive geothermal well in the country required drilling through the first reservoir to meet the deeper one with critical BHST at 2100m. After successfully drilling through the basaltic formation the operator would now like to drill IDDP-3 well after feedback on our Descramble well experience characterized by critical BHST of over 550°C.



Operators: Horizon & OGD

Wells: 2 (Nyeputsza-I & II)

BHT: 90-120 °C

Depth: 1,500-3,000 m


Operator: PannErgy

Wells: 6

BHT: 90-120 °C

Inclination: 38°- 45°

Depth: 2,000-2,500 m


Operator: BESTEC

Wells: 4 + 1 side track (2005-2009)

Depth: 13,500 m (Total drilled)


Operators: Enel & Erdwärme Bayern

Wells: 1 deep well (2016-2017)

Depth: 5,160 m


Operator: Erdwärme Isar 

Wells: 1 deep well (2018)

Depth: 5,500 m

Challenges: Intermediate sections characterized by reactive shales, drilled with K+ ions source + 2nd inhibitor. Reservoir drilled with RDF. Used dewatering unit for water recycling.


Operator: Petrol

Wells: 1

BHT: 145 °C (max)

Depth: 2,450 m


Operator: Eda Renováveis

Wells: 10

BHT: 70-80 °C

Challenges: Partial to total downhole losses. CO2 gas events.


Operator: AGEEP

Wells: 1

BHT: 87 °C

Challenges: Very hard rock. Solids treatment in combination with cutting/mud disposal. Fluid losses.


Operator: Energeo

Wells: 1

BHT: 87.5 °C

Depth: 2,279 m

Challenges: Active Shale. Heavy losses. H2S. Caving. Differential sticking. Hard rock.



Operators: Contact Energy, Mercury Energy, Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Trust, Top Energy

Wells: 165

BHT: 280-330 °C

Inclination: Vertical to 70°

Depth: 400,000 m+ (Totalled drilled)


Wells: 9

BHT: 175-204 °C

Depth: 2,745 m (Average)

Challenges: Lubricity and temperature limitations 


Operators: Geodynamics & Santos

Wells: 7 wells (Since 1994)

BHT: 207-232 °C

Depth: 2,000-3,200 m



Operators: Enel Green Power 

Wells: 4 (2003-2006)

BHT: 175-265 °C

Depth: 2,600-3,400 m


Operators: Enel Green Power

Wells: 10 (Cerro Pabellon field, Apacheta region, 2015-2018)

BHT: 250 °C (Max)

Inclination: 90° (Max)

Depth: 2,260-3,000 m

Challenges: Bentonite + Polymers & sacrifice fluid; severe/total losses.

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