The world’s only pure-play drilling fluids partner

Combining the latest digital technologies, world-beating service and field-proven performance with a truly groundbreaking approach to fluid chemistry – we’re changing the way the industry thinks about drilling fluids. Empowering operators to out-think and outmaneuver their drilling challenges in some of the world’s harshest environments.

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Deepwater Drilling Fluid Systems

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Drilling fluids systems

Explore our range of flexible, stable and environmentally sound drilling fluids systems – from a variety of industry-standard and highly specialized non-aqueous options to our award-winning water-based drilling fluids.


Fluid Thinking

Anticipating drilling challenges to improve performance


Our fluids specialist has access to an extensive range of fluid system additives to engineer the exact drilling fluids solution to meet your requirements.

Fluid Systems Additives


Alongside our industry-leading array of drilling fluids, we’re also proud to offer everything you need to maintain your drilling fluid quality and performance across any drilling environment.

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Deepwater. Complex formations. High efficiency unconventional drilling. We have a proven track record of improving drilling performance, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact. No matter the challenge.


Fluid losses of up to 75bbl/hr cured

Persistent high losses mitigated by X-Prima where cement plugs and other methods had failed.

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Lost circulation eliminated in deepwater pre-salt exploratory well

X-Prima solves high losses in calcium carbonate reservoir below the salts in Nordeste Tupi Field,.

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Total losses successfully remediated and full fluid returns regained

Our specialists engineer solution to solve total losses in sands and fracture formation in highly technically challenging well.

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Anticipating challenges to go more than 80 wells without a critical issue

Shale inhibition, hole cleaning and stuck pipe challenges mitigated on 81 well campaign for major operator.

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Our fluids-focus and dedication to service give you a performance advantage

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Solving your most technical drilling challenges

Experience in all well types – across the globe – mean our local experts can draw on worldwide knowledge to anticipate and overcome your most technical drilling challenges.

Overcome the complex challenges of deepwater and offshore wells with our dedicated specialists and solutions.

Deepwater & offshore

Don’t get caught out. Stay one step ahead of shale and HPHT issues to successfully drill critical wells.

Critical wells

On time. On budget. On plan. Discover how we can help you drill and stimulate unconventional wells. Smarter.


Avoid the cost of lost fluid and circulation. Reduce drilling time and expense with our industry-leading solutions.

Lost circulation

Complete fluid solutions