Bridging additives are used as part of the design process for RDF and also to mitigate lost circulation in highly fractured formations.

The NewBridge software program is used to match the particle size distribution of bridging materials to the pore size distribution of the reservoir as part of the RDF design process. The software design allows for use of the appropriate concentration of acid-soluble bridging additives for RDF solution for a given reservoir.

The TrueCarb family of high-performance, acid-soluble and ground marble bridging agents provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to mitigate downhole losses in the reservoir. These additives are non-damaging to formations and manage the risks associated with lost circulation events. The TrueCarb portfolio has a broad range of particle size distributions (PSD) and are designated by the D50 value associated with each product. Examples include TrueCarb 5 and upwards to TrueCarb 1800.