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Cleaner, faster and smarter drilling of unconventional and conventional wells

Engineered to meet the demands of unconventional drilling

The Evolution® high-performance water-based

drilling fluid system (HPWBM) specifically meets the demands of operators when drilling challenging and unconventional formations, reducing costs and improving the environmental profile of their operations compared to OBM.

Key features and advantages:

  • Matches or exceeds the ROP, wellbore management, days on well, logging and casing operations performance of OBM
  • Withstands demanding operational conditions such as HPHT
  • Improves wellsite cuttings and waste management options
  • Minimize fluids transportation costs and impacts
  • Promotes recycling and re-use of fluid
  • Improves HSE factors and lowers environmental liability

Key applications: Unconventional and conventional drilling application

Fluid type: Water-based drilling fluid systems

Temperature rating (Max): 425°F (220 °C)

Key performance characteristics: Extreme HPHT tolerance and OBM-like lubricity.

Performance rating: Excellent. HPHT and ROP performance.

Sustainability rating: Excellent

Proven in the field for a wide range of drilling applications

Although developed for unconventional applications the drilling performance and fluid stability of the Evolution system has made it highly popular with use by over 300 operators in more than 4,500 wells worldwide.

Evolution is proven not only in unconventional resource plays. It has been used successfully in conventional environments too, including high-pressure, high-temperature conditions, and other applications such as:

  • Brines in the Bakken shale
  • Potassium formate in southern Italy.
  • Bottom hole conditions of over 400°F (204°C) in the Cooper Basin of Australia
  • Shallow formations in northwest New Mexico
  • Densities from 8.6 lb/gal (1.03 SG) in the Spraberry of the Permian to 18.8 lb/gal (2.25 SG) in Sichuan Province, China
  • C02 rich environments and managed contaminates
  • Proven high stability in prolonged trips and casing runs


Key fluid system chemistry, components and performance additives 

The patented Evolution system formulation comprises three central components for drilling performance integrated with a complete suite of additives to further enhance performance.

These include thermally stable (to over 400°F) synthetic viscosifiers for fresh water and brine systems as well as filtration control solutions for brines that cover the full range of temperatures and brine compositions. Newpark has developed specific Evolution formations for use in HTHP conditions.



Eliminating clay in formulation, the rugged EvoVis® polymer viscosifer serves as an inhibitive coating agent for drilled cuttings in water-based drilling fluids. And, as a secondary function, it provides filtration control.

Performance enhancers

Perfect for unconventional wells, EvoCon® fluid conditioners are water-based stabilizers that deliver high-performance optimization of EvoVis® viscosifers, and EvoLube® DPE lubricant blends. And the EvoLube® G drilling performance enhancer is an effective lubricant blend even in HPHT conditions.


Additional performance additives

Filtration control

  • EvoTrol™filtration control agent reduces fluid loss in water-based drilling fluids and provides gel strength for improved hole cleaning

Fluid stability

  • NewStabil™fluid stabilizer controls alkalinity in brine systems, extending the temperature stability of drilling fluid systems containing polymers derived from natural resources.

Loss control

  • A wide range of lost circulation materials are effective in both freshwater and brine formulation of the Evolution system.

NewEase 487 high-performance, low-friction lubricant

Graph 1 Demonstrates the lubricity performance in Bakken Brine. NewEase 487 has an average of 85% torque reduction, while Competitor 1 has an average of 80% and Competitor 2 has an average of 72%. All lubricants show efficient torque reduction after the 5-minute evaluation period.

Our high-performance lubricant brings together industry-leading torque reduction, exceptional performance, and maximum convenience to your drilling operations.

Mitigate the threat of friction, shaker blinding, and product loss to retention on cuttings with NewEase 487. This high-performance, low riction lubricant has reduced torque by as much as 85% in North Dakota brine during lab testing.

Developed for water-based fluids – with a specific focus on the unique chemistry found in North Dakota brine - NewEase 487 offers several benefits over traditional lubricants. 

The material flows easily at low temperatures for easy mixing, shows greatly reduced foaming and virtually no shaker blinding. NewEase 487 shows a high affinity to coat metal surfaces, resulting in extended duration of efficacy.

The main advantages of NewEase 487

  • Reduces torque by an industry leading 85%
  • Low-foam formulation
  • Lessens cuttings retention
  • Exceptionally low freeze point of -20F
  • Remains active downhole for longer
  • Achieve the same efficacy with less product
  • Cuts transportation costs
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