Breakers aid in the removal of the reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF) filter cake and potential causes of formation damage after the completion assembly is in place, and the reservoir is prepared for production or injection. Cleansorb, a Newpark Company, provides its patented, high-performance reservoir chemistry – ORCATM – with an outstanding reputation for performance and safety in diverse field applications worldwide.

Breaker fluid case studies


ORCA is a highly effective, single treatment, cleanup solution for oil-based and water-based RDF filter cakes. To ensure uniform and efficient removal of the filter cake, each system undergoes a rigorous test protocol resulting in a fit-for-purpose RDF and breaker system. Uniform wellbore cleanup ensures the cleanest wells and maximizes production to deliver significant financial benefits.

Newpark offers a complete set of highly effective filter cake clean-up solutions for both water-based and invert emulsion drill-in fluid filter cakes based on the in-situ production of organic acid, polymer breakers, and micro-emulsifying surfactants.