We are excited to showcase our "You Matter" campaign, highlighting a few of the ways each of you matter to Newpark!

Check out the employee videos below and be sure to come back often to see updated content!

Get Involved

Have you seen someone go the extra mile? Has someone helped you complete a successful task? Has someone guided you through a difficult project? Have you noticed someone who gives it their all every day? Does someone make your day easier by being there? This is a great opportunity to recognize your Newpark team members and let them know they matter to you!

1)  Grab your phone and record a quick video of why they matter to you, followed by a short introduction about them. Example: name, title, what they like about Newpark, best career advice, fun fact about themselves, etc.

2)  Using the mini whiteboard supplied to your location, write why they matter to you and grab your phone to snap a quick photo.

3)  Using the award template emailed to you, write in their name and give them a “you matter” award. Grab your phone and take a picture together showing it off.

Send your submissions to calavarces@newpark.com. Entries will be shared on our webpage at www.youmattertonewpark.com and other channels.

get to know your coworkers

Megan Hutchison

Megan Hutchison, a Human Resources Representative-NIS  based at the Pittsburgh, PA office, was recently honored for her outstanding work and contributions as part of the YOU MATTER to Newpark recognition program.  Megan has established herself as a valuable and knowledgeable HR professional who provides timely and effective help to all her fellow employees and does it an exceptional and friendly manner. Recently of note, Megan has taken on supporting the UK HR operations, as well as supporting the NRI (corporate office), company-wide projects such as the Walk with Us Campaign, and has done so with great compliments from everyone she has worked with.  Congratulations Megan we are lucky and honored to have you on our Newpark HR team!

Pictured above with Megan (center) are (left) Mike Catt, HR Manager, North Region - NIS and (right) Briana Foster, HR Director - NIS.

Sarah Cripps

Sarah is an Assistant Site Manager in our West Virginia office who has been with the company for 4 years.  She always goes above and beyond to see that all the guys are happy as well as our clients.  We have seen her put in long days and hours here at the office and in the field.  She always has her door open to anyone that needs help or just to talk.  She consistently maintains a positive attitude in completing tasks and projects and operates calmly under pressure.  She gives Newpark a lot of talent that makes us successful.  She always makes sure the guys have what they need to work safely and efficiently.  Outside of work she loves spending time with her family, going camping, 4-wheeling, fishing, and doing projects with her girls.  Thanks for all you do!!

Adam Marcel

Adam Marcel is a Technical Service Manager who has been with Newpark for 4.5 years.  He has been a fantastic mentor and leader and continues to serve as a role model to those around him.  When it comes to his time at Newpark, Adam embraces the chance to use all his skill sets at Newpark to innovate solutions, both educational and hands on.  He tries to live by Albert Einstein’s saying, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”  Outside of work, he enjoys the great outdoors: kayaking, hiking, hunting and fishing, as well as the science of home brewing beer.

Lyell Brown

Thank you for everything you do for Newpark. Your work ethic, focus on safety and ability to provide high quality service to our customers help make Newpark the safe and successful company it is. I’d personally like to thank you for your willingness to help out in other regions outside of North Dakota, you’re a great team member. 

Andrew Mclaughlin

Andrew is a mechanic in the Bridgeport, WV yard.  He is a dedicated person that always goes above the expectations to ensure equipment is in good operational condition and safe.  He is always willing to work overtime to complete tasks so our team is ready to complete all jobs no matter the circumstances.  Andy enjoys gunsmithing along with off roading in his free time.  Thank you Andy for going above and beyond every week!

The Kermit 915 Crew

Thanks for your service to our Oil & Gas customers in the Permian Basin!  Pictured from left, Ben Gill, Teril Smith, Carlos Valenzuela, Jessy Vega, Ricardo Orquiz, Laurencio Ledezma, and Omar Orozco.

Katie McGonagle

Kate is an operations coordinator in our Cleves, OH office, here's what Ron Tominello had to say about the wonderful work she does.  "I would like to express my sincere admiration for Kate’s incredible work ethic and dedication. Kate wears many different hats in her current role, yet she has never wavered in her commitment to excellence. Her positive attitude is contagious and a motivation to all. Her passion for the job is what makes her an incredible person to work with. She is great with all the employees and everyone respects her. Keep up the great work, Kate, and a sincere thank you for all you do for the team!"

Chris Wobser

Chris is a foreman, equipment operator and a Class A CDL driver in Cleves, OH.  He was part of the WSG acquisition and started as a laborer/operator working his way into a foreman and CDL driver.  Chris has always stepped up to support Newpark's other locations ans spent extended time away from home to help with the hurricane recovery in Lake Charles, LA.  His favorite hobby was inspired by the TV show Fore in Fire.  For the last 1.5 years he haqs been making custom swords and knives in his free time.  Employees like you are the difference makers for Newpark's success and we really appreciate all you do!

Jarod Kennedy

Trent Istre

Trent is a Field Service Engineer from the Carencro office, who has been with the company since December 2021. He has been quick to understand our products, operations, and continuous improvement efforts.  He has heped to break down operational processes and product testing by integrating technology solutions and robust practices to establish improvements and efficiencies.  When asked what he likes best out Newpark, he said "Newpark is full of kind people who hlep you to know that you're part of the team".  Trent enjoys 3D printing, basic wood working, and working on his old truck.

Robert Whitehair

Robert is a Yard Manager in our Bridgeport, WV location, who has been with the company for over 5 years!  He always goes above and beyond to ensure the yard is in proper order, while putting in long hours, and willing to come into load/off load trucks no matter the time of day or night.  In his offtime, he loves spending times fishing with his grandson.  Thank you Robert for your dedication!!

Juan Balderas

Juan is a Foreman in our Bridgeport, WV location, who has been with the company for over 8 years!  He came to Newpark as part of the WSG acquisition, starting out as a laborer and has worked his way into a lead foreman.  He is part of our traveling crews that work all over the north region and has always done an outstanding job.  Juan likes to ride 4-wheelers and hang out with friends over a good meal outside of work.  Thank you for everything you do for Newpark!  YOU MATTER TO US!!

Dean Hart

Dean is a Mechanic in our Indiana location.  He goes the extra mile to keep our equipment in good shape and running!  Thanks Dean!!

Brian Chilson

Shane Guadin

Shane is an Extrusion Lead Operator at the NMIS Carencro Plant location. Shane constantly goes above and beyond his routine tasks to assist other departments when help is needed. He volunteers to work extra shifts when special projects pop up on his days off and weekends. Shane is known for his quick and efficient work, while maintaining superb housekeeping and safety. His hard work is greatly appreciated by everyone who works with him! 

Laurencio Ledezma

Joseph Lazare

Mr. Joe has been part of a lot of our material projects and continues to keep us safe during every test. I have observed Mr. Joe provide guidance to not only new employees, but to seasoned employees as well to ensure everyone is safe and is always doing the right thing. He consistently displays our core values each and everyday he is on the line.


Jessy Vega

Joshua Rodriguez

Fernando Yang

Fernando works at the Service Desk in our Katy Office.  He is always helping us out in our IT and telecommunications needs. He is responsive and goes above and beyond.  It is he who ensures that our IT “tools” are working properly.

Jonny Steed

As a Superintendent Jonny rises to the occasion to take care of the customer and our operations.  He is so talented in his crafts and truly makes Newpark successful.  When asked what he likes best about Newpark, he said, "the core values becaues it's hard to name just one thing that I like most".  Outside of work he enjoys golfing, fishing, shooting, and spending time with his wife and kiddos.

Ryan Patin and Joe Broussard

Trent Rollins

Michael Dickinson

Carlos Barthelemy

Carlos is a Materials Coordinator in our NMIS Carencro Branch.  He consistently maintains a positive attitude, takes initiative in completing tasks and projects, and operates calmly under pressure.  He is always willing to assist in projects that fall outside of his daily functions, which is certainly noticed and appreciated.  For these reasons, we have presented him with a You Matter award.  Outside of work, Carlos enjoys building and fixing computers, operating flight simulators, and fishing.


Anthony D'Elia

Rocco Desimone

Rhoda Grace