We are excited to showcase our "You Matter" campaign, highlighting a few of the ways each of you matter to Newpark!

Check out the employee videos below and be sure to come back often to see updated content!

Get Involved

Have you seen someone go the extra mile? Has someone helped you complete a successful task? Has someone guided you through a difficult project? Have you noticed someone who gives it their all every day? Does someone make your day easier by being there? This is a great opportunity to recognize your Newpark team members and let them know they matter to you!

1)  Grab your phone and record a quick video of why they matter to you, followed by a short introduction about them. Example: name, title, what they like about Newpark, best career advice, fun fact about themselves, etc.

2)  Using the mini whiteboard supplied to your location, write why they matter to you and grab your phone to snap a quick photo.

3)  Using the award template emailed to you, write in their name and give them a “you matter” award. Grab your phone and take a picture together showing it off.

Send your submissions to calavarces@newpark.com. Entries will be shared on our webpage at www.youmattertonewpark.com and other channels.

get to know your coworkers

Anthony D'Elia

Rocco Desimone