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Exceptional performance under high pressures and temperatures 

Volos™ non-aqueous drilling fluid is engineered to provide consistent rheological profiles and efficient drilling performance in HPHT applications up to 450°F. 

The Volos™ system maintains stable rheologies even during prolonged static conditions at extreme-temperatures. Combined with thin filter cake deposits, this delivers efficient logging, casing, and cementing operations – while the expertly engineered formula minimizes issues such as excessive equivalent circulating densities (ECD), lost circulation, stuck pipe and other issues while working to protect downhole tools. 

Key applications: High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) applications 

Temperature rating: Up to 450°F 

Key performance characteristics:

  • Thermal stability 
  • Wellbore stability 
  • Solids tolerance 
  • Lubricity 
  • Rate of penetration 
  • Filtration control 
  • Reduced Instances of stuck pipe 
  • Acid Gas Tolerance (CO2 and H2S) 
  • Non-corrosive 
  • Resistant to high temperature gelation 
  • Cost efficient with fewer products required 

Performance rating: Stable rheologies and thin filter cake in extreme conditions 

Sustainability rating: Good