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Product Description

TopSpot™ spotting additive is an environmentally friendly blend of organic surfactants designed to free differentially stuck pipe when using water-based drilling fluids. The product works by thinning or cracking the filter cake and by adding lubricity to the borehole-pipe interface, thereby reducing the “pull-out” force. It is shipped as a concentrate and can be easily and rapidly blended with freshwater, seawater or brine.

Benefits Benefits

TopSpot spotting fluid is an environmentally safe solution for freeing differentially stuck pipe, reducing the time, costs and potential hazards.

Application Application

TopSpot spotting additive is used in water-based drilling fluids whenever stuck pipe is encountered. The spotting fluid prepared with this additive can be weighted when necessary to maintain an equivalent hydrostatic head in the borehole. The used spot may be circulated out and either diverted or allowed to mix with the existing system. If the volume of the spot is large enough to cause more than a 110% dilution of the existing system, the spot should be diverted. Incorporation of less than 10% can be easily treated with conventional products. This product is safe for offshore applications and passes ecotoxicological tests, with LC50 results of ≥1,000,000 ppm in Generic Mud #7.

Treatment Recommendation Treatment Recommendation

TopSpot spotting fluids are prepared by mixing 20% by volume TopSpot concentrate in either freshwater, seawater or brine. The fluids can be weighted with appropriate additions of XC Polymer and barite as specified in the accompanying table.

Material Needed for 50 BBL of Weighted Spotted Fluid

Desired Weight (lb/gal) 10 12 15 18
Freshwater or Seawater (bbl) 38 35 30 36
TopSpot (drum) 7 7 6 5
NewZan™ D (lb) 115 105 90 75
Barite (sack) 42 97 184 267

Typical Physical Properties Typical Physical Properties

Appearance: Amber to black, viscous liquid
Flash Point: 220° F (104°C)
Specific Gravity: 1.1-1.2 at 77°F (25°C)

Handling and Storage Handling and Storage

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Store in a well-ventilated area. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.

Packaging Packaging

TopSpot spotting additive is available in 55-gallon (208-liter) drums and bulk quantities.

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