Newpark Mats & Integrated Services has the fastest and easiest berming system available and is ready to contain your oil and gas drilling site.

Stronghold Berm is a simple and effective berming system designed for holding our containment system in place. Constructed from recycled rubber, it’s the most environmentally friendly berming solution available.

Stronghold Berm uses lock and key design which eliminates the need for fasteners, like nails and screws, which are commonly dropped on site and can damage equipment. The berm locks the high-density polyethylene liner in place, ensuring no water, hydraulic fluids, oils or gas get out. Stronghold Berms are a quick and easy way to contain your work area.

With Stronghold Berms, caution yellow tops clearly define the site perimeter. Additionally, ramps specifically designed for this four-feet wide, six to eight-inch tall system allow even the largest vehicles to safely navigate over the berm.

Stronghold Berm

  • ODNR Approved
  • No maintenance
  • No screws or hardware
  • Quick Installation
  • Patented Improvements