Product Description

Prevention™ corrosion inhibitor is a film-forming amine that protects metal surfaces from corrosion in divalent brine fluids, such as Newpark’s proprietary Fusion™ drilling fluid system. The Fusion system is a uniquely formulated brine system that uses advanced fluid engineering to increase bit life, improve lubricity and manage corrosion.

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  • Protects tubing and casing strings
  • Provides over 90% corrosion inhibition
  • Stable and effective in high divalent brines
  • Does not offset drilling fluid properties


Prevention corrosion inhibitor protects tubing and casing strings from corrosion associated with acid gas and inorganic salt attack when divalent ions such as calcium exceed a critical concentration. Conventional, sulfite-based corrosion inhibitors lose effectiveness as divalent ion concentrations increase. Prevention corrosion inhibitor reaches optimal performance when divalent ions exceed approximately 40,000 ppm. Prevention corrosion inhibitor works synergistically with Reaction™ scale inhibitor and Reduction™ oxygen scavenger in protecting metal surfaces from corrosion when drilling with divalent brine systems. It is water soluble and effective for use in divalent salt saturated water-based drilling fluids, solids-free brines and packer fluids. Prevention corrosion inhibitor is effective up to 150°C in calcium and zinc brines and is effective in low concentrations.

Treatment Recommendation

Prevention corrosion inhibitor is added to the system at a concentration of 3-10 L/m3. A maximum pH of 10.5 is recommended for optimal effectiveness.

Typical Physical Properties

AppearanceBrown liquid
Flash Point157°C
Pour Point< -20°C
Specific Gravity1.09

Handling and Storage

Separate from acids. Keep container tightly closed and sealed. Store in original container protected from direct sunlight in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.


Prevention corrosion inhibitor is available in 20-liter pails and 208-liter drums.

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