The OptiPhase™ system is a salt-free invert emulsion that offers distinct operational and environmental advantages over traditional non-aqueous systems. In the OptiPhase system, a proprietary blend of polyglycerols, replaces the calcium chloride brine in the internal phase. The resulting fluid is biodegradable, widening cuttings disposal options in many regions. Compared to non-aqueous fluids with calcium chloride internal phases, the OptiPhase fluid provides improved wellbore stability, reduced stick-slip and increased rates of penetration (ROP).

The NewPhase™ blend of polyglycerols minimizes shale hydration by optimizing the activity of the water phase. The additive strengthens the wellbore and inhibits fluid interactions with formation clays. It also reduces the coefficient of friction, which increases ROP and reduces torque and drag in high-angle wellbores. Reducing axial and rotational stick slip allows for prolonged bit and tool life, resulting in more time on bottom drilling and less time tripping. The cumulative performance improvements reduce total well costs.

Effective in technically challenging wells and locations with strict environmental regulations, the OptiPhase system has been used in thousands of wells with repeated success.

OptiPhase - Pinedale Anticline, WY


NewPhase™ water activity control agent is a proprietary blend of polyglycerols that replace the brine in the internal phase of any invert emulsion drilling fluids. It has low alkalinity and is 100% soluble in any type of water, regardless of its salinity. It contains no aromatics or oils and will not produce a sheen.

  • OptiMul™ HP high-performance emulsifier increases stability and reduces fluid loss in Newpark’s OptiDrill™ or OptiPhase drilling fluid system. As a one-drum application, it replaces traditional primary and secondary emulsifiers. OptiMul HP offers flatter gels and a higher resistance to drilled solids when compared to traditional emulsifiers.
  • OptiMul™ II and OptiMul VP primary emulsifier is a liquid blend of organic fatty acids that establishes an interfacial-stabilized water-in-oil emulsion in Newpark’s OptiDrill or OptiPhase drilling fluid system.
  • OptiPlus™ II and OptiPlus VP secondary emulsifier is a liquid blend of polyamides that stabilizes the water-in-oil emulsion in Newpark’s OptiDrill or OptiPhase drilling fluid system.
  • OptiThin™ wetting agent effectively thins when new solids or barite are introduced (as during weight-up) and is a supplemental emulsifier.
  • OptiTrol™ HPHT filtration control agent is an organic polymer that is particularly useful when bottom hold temperatures exceed 350°F (177°C).
  • OptiVis™ RM rheology modifier is an organic polymeric material comprising of very high molecular weight organic acids.
  • OptiWet™ wetting agent is a liquid blend of emulsifying and wetting agents which provides fluid stability for the OptiDrill or OptiPhase diesel or mineral oil-based fluids at high temperatures. It also minimizes high shear rate viscosities.
  • OptiG™ filtration control agent is a naturally occurring asphaltite used for reducing HPHT filtrate in diesel or mineral oil-based drilling fluids.