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High-performance unconventional drilling and superior sustainability. In one.

Unlock the potential of unconventional wells

Drill unconventional wells faster and at lower costs while improving operation sustainability.

Our next-generation Nviros™ high-performance water-based mud is field-proven to be a more sustainable and efficient alternative to oil-based muds in unconventional and extended-reach wells. At a fraction of the fluids cost.

Strike the perfect balance between drilling performance and operational sustainability

  • Reducing fluids and waste trucking costs
  • Lessen the amount of waste you send to landfill
  • Leverage the benefits of using produced water
  • Improve wellbore lubrication for higher ROP
  • Reduce drilling time and overall drilling costs
  • Cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions


Key applications: Unconventional wells. Extended reach drilling.

Fluid type: Water-based drilling fluid systems

Temperature rating (Max): 285°F (140 °C)

Key performance characteristics: Excellent lubricity and shale inhibition qualities.

Performance rating: Excellent. High penetration rates.

Sustainability rating: Excellent. Water-based fluid system and organic components. Produced water compatible.

Achieve high-performance results in long horizontals

Designed to deliver exceptional performance in unconventional and extended reach drilling applications – Nviros HPWBM leverages an enhanced formulation built upon our industry-leading Evolution® water-based drilling fluid system that incorporates Ntegral™ polymers together with Evolube® G lubricant at 1-2% concentration.

Reduce waste volumes and trucking

Breaking drilling records and reducing impact

Learn how we delivered sustainability advantages in our co-authored paper with the Kaiser-Francis Oil Company on ‘New Records of Drilling & Environmental Performance Achieved in Delaware Basin Wolfcamp Horizontals Utilizing a Novel High-Performance Water-Based Fluid.

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Discover the significant economic, environmental and operations savings

Discover the significant drilling performance, operational, cost and sustainability advantages an Operator in New Mexico achieved across their recent 12-well field trial of Nviros HPWBM compared to OBM.

Choose a more sustainable alternative to OBM

By sending less waste to landfill, reducing energy consumption, using less barite, taking trucks off the road, and generating lower CO2 emissions – Nviros HPWBM offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional OBM solutions. Imagine delivering the same high-performance at a fraction of the environmental and operational cost.

Drill unconventional wells more sustainably, faster, and at lower costs


Build a more sustainable drilling operation with the Newpark service advantage

Creating safe, sustainable, and efficient operations relies on dynamic and trusted partnerships. Our service advantage combines drilling fluids expertise, innovative custom chemistry, a world-class lab network and an effective global supply chain to offer all the support you need to anticipate and overcome your drilling challenges.


Record breaking performance in West Texas

Nviros™ WBM delivers 63% reduction in cost-per-lateral-foot drilled

Our latest Nviros case studies

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