Newpark Drilling Fluids North America

Newpark Drilling Fluids is a leading supplier of advanced, high-performance fluids solutions for the global oil and gas industry. We have expanded rapidly since our formation in 1997 by providing breakthrough fluids technology and industry-leading service to thousands of wells. A leading provider in the U.S. and Canada, Newpark credits its rapid growth to its unique approach to customer service and efficiency improvement programs, fostered by a professional staff carefully chosen to mesh with the company’s business strategy.

Today, we serve operators in most U.S. and Canadian areas of drilling activity, including the challenging shale gas plays and diverse offshore Gulf of Mexico markets. The company’s North American service footprint and wide-ranging drilling fluids supply is managed through a network of strategically located distribution centers. Our innovative products and best-in-class service culture have given us strong positions globally as well.


Our ongoing technological breakthroughs and on-the-ground expertise continue to drive customer success. The professionals throughout Newpark Drilling Fluids work in close concert with customers to formulate and apply the best fluids solutions the industry has to offer. Together, we are fostering a cleaner energy future now.