Product Description

NewWate™ weighting agent is a precisely ground barite used to increase the density of any low-weight system, regardless of base fluid. It is a chemically inert powder with a specific gravity of 4.1, which meets or exceeds the American Petroleum Institute (API) Drilling Fluids Specification 13A for 4.1 barite.

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The high specific gravity of NewWate weighting agent provides the necessary hydrostatic pressure to balance formation pressures while reducing well costs on low mud weight applications where 4.2 barite is not required.


NewWate weighting agent is used to increase the density of drilling fluids up to approximately 13.5 lb/gal (1.6 kg/L), and to control underground kicks and lost circulation with barite plugs.

Treatment Recommendation

NewWate weighting agent is mixed directly into the system through the hopper or through bulk tank hoppers.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance:White to tan powder
Specific Gravity:4.10, min
Particles Size:
Less than 6 μm:30.0 wt%, max
Soluble Alkaline Earth Metals,
as Calcium:250 mg/L, max
Wet Screen Analysis:
Residue on U.S. Sieve No. 200:3.0 wt%, max

Handling and Storage

Avoid breathing dust. Keep dust out of eyes to avoid mechanical irritation. Avoid very strong acids. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being done. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.


NewWate weighting agent is available in 100-pound (45.4-kilogram) multi-walled bags and bulk quantities.

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