Product Description

NewSwell™ loss circulation material is an environmentally safe copolymer used in water-based drilling fluids. The copolymer will swell and expand to 200 times its original volume in freshwater.

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NewSwell migrates into a loss circulation zone and, once fully hydrated, seals fractures or voids. The product can also be spotted across unstable formations as a bridging material to reduce formation caving.


NewSwell can be mixed directly into the drilling fluid or freshwater. It is compatible with alternative LCM products and can be blended with a variety of fibrous materials to increase the tensile strength of the spotting fluid.

Treatment Recommendation

In a 5-gallon pail, add 1-3 pounds of material to 4 gallons of water. Pump the mixture as soon as possible; the polymer will begin to swell immediately after freshwater is introduced. Vary the amount of product as needed based on results of the initial treatment.

When spotting a pill, immediately pull up above the pill to avoid stuck pipe. After 30 minutes, the material will be fully hydrated and will have formed a bridge across the loss zone. Circulate the hole with the fluid and lost circulation material.

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance:White, granular powder
Solubility:Insoluble, swells upon contact with water
Specific Gravity:0.8-1.0

Handling and Storage

Keep material dry, if water is introduced the product will swell. Observe all precautions described in the SDS for NewSwell.


NewSwell is available in 55 pound (25 kilogram) multiwalled bags.

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