Excalibar Minerals LLC Introduces ExBar HD Series of Barium Sulfate

Excalibar Minerals LLC, one of the leading industrial barium sulfate manufactures in the United States, is pleased to announce its new low cost, high purity, buff color, (4.35 specific gravity) barium sulfate.     

Katy, Texas April 7, 2017 – Excalibar Minerals LLC has provided the industrial market with a high purity, high specific gravity, white barytes for 25 years and can now offer a lower cost alternative to non-color sensitive industrial applications.  The ExBar HD products are manufactured and distributed in Houston Texas and Dyersburg Tennessee. 

The ExBar HD series offers a very high density, which contributes to improved adhesion, exceptional noise deadening, and radiation blocking.  Barium sulfate offers excellent dispersion, exterior durability and thermal stability up to 1580 centigrade.  The ExBar HD series has extremely low oil absorption.  Low resin demand and reduction in needed binder results in lower material costs for the overall formulation.

About Excalibar Minerals LLC:
Founded in 1990, Excalibar Minerals LLC is a quality processor and supplier of titanium dioxide extenders, barium sulfate and calcium carbonate.  Services include sourcing, processing, packaging and distributing high quality minerals used as fillers/extenders in paint, plastics, rubber, ceramics and oil and gas exploration markets.

Mark Brooks
Sr. Director Sales and Marketing
21920 Merchants Way Katy, Texas 77449