Evolution® Certification Goes Global

August 14, 2012. As the Evolution® Drilling Fluid System reaches new heights and new records, experienced and skilled fluid technicians are crucial in demonstrating the capabilities of this advanced system.

Operator approval of the Evolution Drilling Fluid System continues to grow based on its consistent ability to lower drilling costs and save rig time. Achieving this requires the most capable, highly qualified Newpark Fluid Technician at the wellsite. The Evolution Certification program addresses this.

Candidates for Certification

Evolution Certification sessions began in March 2012 and continue throughout the United States. Technology Support Specialists nominate candidates for consideration.

Harry Dearing, Vice President of Technology Marketing, and a team of Technology Support Specialists travel to active shale plays and drilling regions orienting these hand-picked, experienced fluid technicians.

Through classroom orientation, testing, and related field experience, fluid technicians are equipped with the latest technological developments of the Evolution System.

Evolution Certification for the Fluid Technician is a requirement to service Evolution drilling fluids. Other benefits of becoming an Evolution Certified Fluid Technician include gaining extensive knowledge of the system and aspects of it use in other regions, ongoing performance evaluation, data analysis for future applications, and development of an active support system.

Specialized Drilling Fluids Certification Spreads Internationally

Technological cooperation across the company’s worldwide organization was on exhibit in Rome, Italy in March when AVA drilling fluids engineers based in Italy, Romania, Tunisia and Algeria traveled to Rome to attend a three-day advanced mud school and deepwater seminar. Steve Daniel, Senior Vice President of Technology, and Shannon Comeaux, Technical Manager, served as NDF instructors for the school.

Steve discussed NDF’s latest high-performance, water-based drilling fluid system, Evolution, and NDF’s overall shale-play success. Shannon focused on deepwater fluids applications. AVA’s lab also provided valuable support for the session.

All 26 attendees obtained technical certification in two areas: Deepwater Operations and Evolution Drilling Fluids.