EnergyPoint Research Customer Satisfaction Awards

EnergyPoint Research is an independent global research firm that focuses on oil and gas industry customer satisfaction. EnergyPoint determines its annual rankings from more than 6,000 ongoing customer evaluations that include key employees at the world’s largest energy companies, as well as field personnel at independent and regional operators.

The prestigious EnergyPoint Research Seal of Excellence™ is the recognized symbol of customer satisfaction in the global oil and gas industry. Only an elite few companies earn the right to display this seal designating their position in the market.

Newpark Resources first appeared on the EnergyPoint Research list in 2008-2009, ranking first in oilfield products availability and delivery. Since that time, Newpark has earned 55 total EnergyPoint customer satisfaction awards, including being rated first in customer satisfaction in 17 categories in 2014.


2014 Newpark Resources EnergyPoint Customer Satisfaction Awards


  • Rated 1st in Drilling-related Services
  • Rated 1st in Fluids Services
  • Rated 1st in Gulf of Mexico
  • Rated 1st in HSE
  • Rated 1st in Interior Texas & Mid-Continent
  • Rated 1st in Job Quality
  • Rated 1st in Offshore Applications
  • Rated 1st in Onshore Applications
  • Rated 1st in Shelf Applications
  • Rated 1st in Total Satisfaction
  • Rated 1st in U.S. & Canada


  • Rated 1st in Availability & Delivery
  • Rated 1st in Fluids, Chemicals & Proppants
  • Rated 1st in Onshore Applications
  • Rated 1st in Post-sale Support
  • Rated 1st in Shale-oriented Applications
  • Rated 1st in Special Applications