Newpark is recognized with 13 category awards in the EnergyPoint Research 2022 Oilfield Services Customer Satisfaction Survey, for the second successive year.

On 25th May, EnergyPoint Research released results from its 2022 Oilfield Services Customer Satisfaction Survey. This year’s survey evaluated all the major service companies in the industry across a range of categories, and the results reflect opinions from more than 3,800 customer evaluations.

For the 2nd year in succession, Newpark ranked first with customers in a total of 13 diverse categories:

·         Drilling-related Services

·         Fluids Services

·         Health, Safety & Environmental

·         Offshore Applications

·         Onshore Applications

·         Performance & Reliability

·         Service & Professionalism

·         Deepwater Applications (Smaller)

·         Horizontal & Directional Wells (Fluids)

·         HPHT Applications (Fluids)

·         Job Quality (Fluids)

·         Interior Texas & Mid-Continent

·         US & Canada



Newpark was also named runner-up in the ‘Total Satisfaction’ category, having been winners for the previous 2 years.

“I am very proud of our continuing success in this prestigious customer satisfaction survey”, said David Paterson, President of Newpark Fluids Systems, “Our global teams work diligently every day to sustain our class-leading performance and award-winning customer experience, the Newpark Service Advantage, and it is this fluids-focused expertise, dedication and professionalism that our customers clearly value so highly”.

For more information, please see the EnergyPoint Research press release here: