Navigate™ direct emulsion system contains a continuous oil-in-water phase. This emulsion allows operators to drill problematic formations requiring a salt-saturated solution but are limited by a fracture gradient lower than the density of the saturated brine. The system is effective in problematic formations such as fractured or reactive shales and depleted sands.

In salt-bearing formations, conventional fluid systems can require costly procedures that impact fluid properties and complicate operations. Navigate direct emulsion system reduces salt washout while remaining tolerant to water flow, cement, and common fluid contaminant.

Navigate also provides advantages in avoiding lost circulation. While conventional oil-based fluids can affect the equivalent circulating densities, which in turn can increase lost circulation events, Navigate oil-in-water emulsion can maintain a lower density while sustaining characteristics of water-based fluids.  Since fluid densities are easily manipulated by adjusting the oil-to-water ratios, Navigate offers flexibility and ease in achieving desired fluid densities.

The unique emulsifier package in the Navigate system readily and fully emulsifies the oil, even under low shear. This minimizes phase separation in the pits, creating a chemically stable emulsion. Navigate’s polymeric viscosifier creates a shear-thinning rheological profile, which allows the fluid to break from cuttings at the shakers. This results in lower fluid retention on the cuttings, thus driving down total cost of disposal and reducing mud losses at the shaker.

CASE STUDY Navigate - Woodford Shale, OK

Navigate™ Direct Emulsion System