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Drill reactive formations and depleted sands efficiently

Avoid high fluid costs

Navigate™ direct emulsion fluid system is a brine & diesel direct emulsion (oil-in-water) fluid system that allows operators to drill in zones where formation reactivity, as well as fractured & unconsolidated formations, are of concern.

Key features and advantages

  • Unprecedented filtercake quality
  • Very low polymer concentrations required
  • Torque and ROPs that match or exceed conventional OBM
  • Can utilize field brines as the base fluid (9.9 ppg NaCl). Maintains saturation across wide density range
  • Simplifies mud weight management
  • Minimizes issues associated with downhole losses
  • Reduces trucking costs
  • Reduces time drilling through salt with higher ROP
  • Reduced lost circulation events and LCM costs


Key applications: Unconsolidated, reactive and fractured formations with high loss potential

Fluid type: Direct emulsion (oil-in-water)

Sustainability rating: Medium. Contains diesel.

The inhibitive Navigate fluid system that can be used to efficiently drill the vertical, curve, and lateral wellbore sections.

In addition to the shale inhibitive properties, the fluid uses a polymeric viscosifier that aids in shear-thinning rheological characteristics as well as a clean break from cuttings at the shakers. As a result, a lower retention on cuttings is inherent with the direct emulsion fluid

Delaware Basin performance highlight


  • Average of 10+ days savings on total well (Wells ranged from 17,800 – 19,000ft)
  • Bit runs reduced from 4 to 2
  • Average downhole losses reduced by more than 90%
  • Up to 3x reduction on drilling fluid costs

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