Newpark Drilling Fluids Latin America

Newpark Drilling Fluids extended its reach in Brazil in 2005 in order to expand operations into that significant and dynamic offshore drilling region. Newpark’s Latin American operations support Newpark Resources’ focus on environmentally-sound solutions and advanced technology.

Our products and services are a function of our relationship with customers, and are custom developed to meet the needs of each well. As a result, our technology helps customers overcome drilling challenges to reach record performance levels.

Newpark provides technology-based drilling fluids in a number of areas in Latin America, including:

  • Offshore Campos Basin, Brazil
  • Offshore Santos Basin, Brazil
  • Onshore Manaus (Amazon), Brazil
  • Offshore and Onshore Bahia, Brazil
  • Onshore Rio Grande do North, Brazil
  • Offshore Sergipe Alagoa, Brazil
  • Offshore Equatorial Margin, Brazil
  • Offshore Itajai, Brazil
  • Onshore Calama Region (Atacama Desert) Geothermal activity, Chile
  • Onshore Patagonia (Ila del Fuego), Chile
  • Offshore Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Onshore Piura, Peru
  • Onshore Talara, Peru

We have become a leading supplier of drilling fluids and filtration services to the Brazilian market and have set a number of offshore drilling records using our proven drilling fluid systems.

X-Prima™ Squeeze Eliminates Lost Circulation in Deepwater Pre-Salt Exploratory Well, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil: With a water depth of 2,125 m (6,970 ft), the Nordeste Tupi field is located 255 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in the Santos Basin. The main objective, a microbial calcium carbonate reservoir below the salts, is characterized by great vugular pores. Several previous wells in the field encountered severe lost circulation resulting in losses in huge volumes of fluid and increased days to drill the interval.