Consistent rheological performance. No matter what the conditions.

The Kronos™ synthetic-based drilling fluid system delivers superior performance in deepwater applications and the most challenging of onshore wells.

The system is designed to have consistent rheological properties through a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions and is effective at temperatures ranging from 40°F to over 250°F.

The system allows you to cost-effectively minimize equivalent circulating densities (ECD) without compromising downhole performance.

For each application, our fluids experts customize the formulation of the system to meet your exact performance requirements.

Key applications: Deepwater and critical onshore wells

Fluid type: Synthetic-based drilling fluids (Non-aqueous fluid)

Key performance characteristics:

  • Flat rheology for thermal and pressure stability
  • Low ECD for narrow-margin drilling and reduced lost circulation risk
  • Offshore environmental compliance
  • Tolerant to contaminants such as salt, cement and drilled solids

Performance rating: High performance

Sustainability rating: Good

Proven in deepwater

The Kronos system is a versatile and proven performer for offshore and deepwater applications and complies with the environmental requirements for non-aqueous fluids for use in deepwater.

The flat rheology system delivers consistent performance in both low- and high-temperature sections of the well.

In low-temperature sections near the sea floor:

  • Reduced gelation
  • Improved ECD control for the reduced potential of lost circulation

In high-temperature sections near the bit:

  • Efficient hole cleaning for reduced torque and drag
  • Barite suspension for sag control

Kronos deepwater case studies

Proven onshore

The Kronos system is ideal for the most challenging onshore drilling conditions with significant geology, depth, pressure and temperature variations.

The flat rheological profile is designed to minimize drilling NPT risks in the most challenging onshore wells. What’s more, because it’s a synthetic-based drilling fluid, the Kronos system has a better performance and environmental profile compared to oil-based drilling fluid systems (OBM).

The new-generation Kronos CW to overcome the challenges of critical wells

The new-generation Kronos CW critical wells drilling fluid system meets the performance requirements of challenging onshore drilling applications.

Customizable to different applications, it provides consistent rheological properties across a wide range of depth, pressure and temperature variations.

The Kronos CW system can be engineered with novel nanoscale additives to aid in filtration control to enhance filter cake properties in high overbalance situations. This minimizes the risk of differential sticking, a major contributor to non-productive time (NPT) in drilling operations.

The advantages of critical well formulations:

  • Flat rheology
  • Enhanced filtration control
  • Suitable for highly overbalanced conditions

Low ECD for narrow-margin drilling

To overcome the challenges of narrow-margin drilling, the Kronos system can be formulated for low ECD applications to minimize pressure losses and optimize flow rates.

By lowering the overall rheology characteristics the system minimizing sag potential over a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

The system features suitable suspension characteristics to effectively clean the wellbore while maintaining the ECD within the required pressure window. It’s effective for well sections with small wellbore diameters.

The advantages of flat rheology formulations:

Through finer weight material particles size:

  • Lower sag tendencies
  • Lower ECD spikes for reduced risk of lost circulation and ballooning

Through thinner fluid with lower gels:

  • Enhanced hole cleaning for reduced torque and drag
  • Increased ROP
  • Faster tripping
  • Improved cementing for enhanced well integrity

JPT ARTICLE: Use of low-ECD synthetic-based mud during topdrive failure

When a topdrive failure shut down drilling for almost five days, Kronos low-ECD synthetic-based mud was employed to troubleshoot the problem and help restore drilling operations.


DRILLING CONTRACTOR ARTICLE: Risk-based approach, novel fluid solution enables narrow-margin drilling in deepwater Australia

When a narrow ECD was uncovered during deepwater exploration, Kronos low ECD system was used to improve the cuttings transport and minimize frictional pressure losses within the well.