The Kronos™ drilling fluid is Newpark’s synthetic-based invert emulsion system designed primarily to comply with the environmental requirements for non-aqueous fluids for use in deepwater.  The system design and components accommodate versatility of formulation in virtually any deepwater drilling application.

Kronos Brochure Case Study Kronos - Carnarvon Basin, Australia Case Study Kronos - Gulf of Mexico

Features of the Kronos system:

  • Thermal stability
  • Excellent environmental performance
  • Tolerant to contaminants such as salt, cement and drilled solids

The Kronos system satisfies requirements for deepwater applications by providing consistent fluid rheology over a wide temperature range. Kronos may be formulated for consistent rheology at temperatures ranging from 40°F to over 250°F to cost-effectively minimize equivalent circulating densities (ECD) without compromising downhole performance.

Benefits of the Kronos Flat Rheology system over conventional systems:

  • In low-temperature sections (near seafloor):
    • Reduced gelation
    • Improved ECD control for reduced potential of lost circulation
  • In high-temperature sections (near the bit):
    • Efficient hole cleaning for reduced torque and drag
    • Barite suspension for sag control

Narrow margin drilling is a challenge for operators around the world. The Kronos Low ECD system is designed to minimize pressure losses and optimize flow rates by lowering the overall rheology characteristics and minimizing sag potential over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. The Kronos Low ECD system features suitable suspension characteristics to effectively clean the wellbore while maintaining the ECD within the required pressure window. It is appropriate for well sections with small wellbore diameters.

Benefits of the Kronos Low ECD system compared to flat rheology formulations:

  • Through finer weight material particles size:
    • Lower sag tendencies
    • Lower ECD spikes for reduced risk of lost circulation and ballooning
  • Through thinner fluid with lower gels:
    • Enhanced hole cleaning for reduced torque and drag
    • Increased ROP
    • Faster tripping
    • Improved cementing for enhanced well integrity
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