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Optimized for sustainability and performance in conventional drilling

Versatile and sustainable performance

The Hydros™ high-performance water-based drilling fluid system (HPWBM) is a highly versatile system suitable for a wide range of drilling challenges found in conventional wells from onshore to ultra-deepwater wells.

The Hydros system is our most advanced conventional drilling fluid system engineered with sustainable chemistry and is available with nano-based technology options. The system has been designed to reduce overall well costs and improve the ESG profile of operations.

The versatile capability of the Hydros system enables operators to drill more sections or the entire well with water-based fluids systems simplifying operations and reducing costs.


Key applications: Conventional land, offshore and ultra-deepwater wells.

Fluid type: Water-based drilling fluid systems

Performance: Excellent

Sustainability: Excellent

Hydros HPWBM ultra-deepwater

Hydros™ high-performance water-based fluid system increases operational efficiency to deliver challenging ultra-deepwater GOM well under budget and ahead of schedule.

Simplify operations and reduce rig time

The ability for operators to use water-based fluid systems through the entire well has many environmental benefits included reductions in HSE exposure and rig cleaning time, and the elimination of potential waste streams.

Avoiding transitions between OBM and WBM removes the need for dedicated cleanout runs further reducing well costs.

Meets the performance demands of ultra-deepwater

In deepwater operations the Hydros system provides low viscosity at low flowline temperatures and delivers low, flat gel strength. The system helps reduces ECD spikes and lowers surge pressures during operations such as casing running.

Built with more sustainable chemistry

The Hydros fluid system uses more sustainable raw materials and advancement in our inhibitor chemistry reduce the volume required in the system.

Key fluid system chemistry, components and performance additives

Wellbore strengthening and sealing

HydroStable nano-based technology is a high over-balance bridging and wellbore stabilizer. Due to its plastic behavior and filming properties, HydroStable is an effective wellbore strengthening agent, sealing shale pores and micro-fractures to increase borehole stability. As secondary application, HydroStable also provides a membrane with bridging and plugging properties to reduce filtrate invasion into the formation thereby preventing the risk of differential sticking. HydroStable is effective up to 400°F (204°C).

Build a more sustainable drilling operation with the Newpark service advantage

Creating safe, sustainable, and efficient operations relies on dynamic and trusted partnerships. Our service advantage combines drilling fluids expertise, innovative custom chemistry, a world-class lab network and an effective global supply chain to offer all the support you need to anticipate and overcome your drilling challenges.


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