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Control losses and improve drilling efficiency in fractured formations and reactive shales

Prevent losses without lost circulation materials or cement plugs costs

The GageDrill Mixed-Metal Oxides (MMO) system is ideal for overcoming the challenges of drilling formations with high loss zones such as fractured formations and reactive shales.

The GageDrill MMO system provides a viscoelastic fluid at a steady-state that is readily shear-thinning during drilling, but acts as a gel preventing further penetration of the fluid into the loss zone.

Key features and advantages

  • Minimize disturbance to mechanically weak formations
  • Can drill most lost zones and keep circulation after initial losses
  • Tremendous hole cleaning and suspension capabilities
  • Easy to break circulation
  • Can easily be broken over
  • Can run screens which are finer than normal


Key applications: High fractured formations, milling fluid and unconsolidated formations

Fluid type: Mixed metal oxide (MMO) water-based drilling fluid systems

Temperature rating (max): 300°F (150 °C)

Key performance characteristics: Lost circulation, unique viscoelastic rheology profile

Performance rating: Advanced. [Specialized]

Sustainability rating: Excellent. Water-based and organic components

High loss inhibition

The GageDrill MMO system uses bentonite and a mixed metal oxide complex to give the drilling mud a unique viscoelastic rheology profile with the ability to inhibit losses while maintaining higher pump rates when drilling through loss zones.

The exceptional low-end rheology and high static gel strengths make it an ideal fluid for improved hole cleaning in larger hole sizes.

Pawilai Hallmark

Why MMO fluids are a secret weapon against lost circulation

Mixed metal oxide fluids (MMO) are often widely under-estimated. Read our paper co-authored by R&D Manager, Pawilai Hallmark, to discover how the simplicity of the fluid, combined with a unique thixotropic profile and inherent ability to combat losses, means that GageDrill MMO significantly improves drilling performance.

Read paper

Proven in challenging formations and fluid loss applications worldwide

  • S.E. Gueydan Field, Vermillion Parish, Louisiana: Pea gravel, oyster beds and sands (AADE-03-NTCE-40)
  • Tartagal, Salta, Argentina: Sands (AADE-03-NTCE-40)
  • Rabi Field, Gabon, West Africa: Carbonates interbedded w/sands
  • Cranberry Field, Western Alberta, Canada: Fractures
  • West Congo: Depleted reservoir
  • Irian Jaya: Fractured limestone reefs

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