Product Description

FracFIX™ remedial blend is a composition of medium to coarse cellulosic, graphitic and elastomeric granules and micronized fiber for use in mechanical wellbore stabilization (MWS) applications. FracFIX remedial blend bridges and plugs natural fractures, and plugs and props induced fracture widths up to 2mm to stop propagation. FracFIX blend performance is maximized when used with PreFIX™ seepage control blend and ProppFIX™ bridging blend.

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With a combination of material types and sizes,
FracFIX blend:

  • Bridges, plugs and halts the propagation of induced fractures of 2mm or greater
  • Promotes the formation of an impermeable plug to isolate the frac tip from wellbore pressure
  • Props the fracture open, restoring hoop stress
  • Mitigates partial losses
  • Is non-toxic and compatible in all types of drilling fluids
  • Is stable at temperatures up to 300°F (149°C)


FracFIX blend is effective for bridging and plugging larger induced fractures or vugular formations where aggressive treatment is necessary for mitigation or remediation of lost circulation. While PreFIX seepage control blend and ProppFIX bridging blend are suitable for whole system treatments, the coarser grades of FracFIX granules are more economically and effectively utilized in remedial sweeps or spots. Depending on the severity or persistence of lost circulation, the size distribution of FracFIX is complemented by the types and sizing of materials in ProppFIX bridging blend and PreFIX seepage control blend.

Treatment Recommendation

FracFIX remedial blend will typically be used in combination with other materials in sweeps or spots for the mitigation or remediation of lost circulation. The concentration of FracFIX blend in a pill should be based on conventional factors, such as the severity or persistence of losses, the types, grades and concentrations of other materials in the mix, and mechanical restrictions in downhole tools.

Particle Size Distribution

(Sieve Analysis)

Retained on 30 Mesh12%
Retained on 40 Mesh21%
Retained on 60 Mesh29%
Retained on 80 Mesh20%
Retained on 100 Mesh7%
Retained on 200 Mesh7%
Passing 200 Mesh4%

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance:Blended, gray particles
Specific Gravity:1.4-1.6
Water Solubility:Negligible

Handling and Storage

Minimize exposure to dust. Store in a cool, dry, wellventilated area away from sources of ignition and strong oxidizing agents. Use appropriate hygiene, clothing and personal protective equipment suitable for work being performed. Review the SDS thoroughly before using this product.


FracFIX bridging blend is packaged in 50-pound (22.7 kilogram) multi-walled bags.

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