Newpark is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Cleansorb Limited, an innovative reservoir chemistry company.

Cleansorb develops and applies oilfield chemical technologies that care for the reservoir, simplify wellsite treatments, and improve recovery rates in new and mature fields.

Since 1994, Cleansorb has built a reputation of continuous innovation of treatments based on in-situ acid production, for downhole reservoir stimulation and filter cake damage removal applications.

Cleansorb has not only served as a key partner of Newpark, but they have demonstrated unique capabilities, with an incredible focus on safety and efficiency.

This acquisition serves as a critical step in the execution of our Total Fluids Solutions strategy, enhancing our ability to provide increased value through the delivery of industry-leading products and services that our customers have come to expect. For more information on Cleansorb Limited, their products and capabilities, click here.

Newpark provides drilling, completion and stimulation solutions as well as technical services globally. Drilling and completion projects involving complex subsurface conditions, such as horizontal, directional, or deepwater drilling, require constant monitoring and critical engineering support which is provided from a team of professionals having years of experience with drilling and completion fluids. Teaming with Newpark means the provision of innovative and proven drilling, completion, and stimulation solutions in the most challenging environments.

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